To set the character to be added above the MS word plot

“How to write letters on top of MS word plots”

MS Office is a collection of various programs used to create documents, so I use them a lot, and among them, MS Word is a document-making program with many functions that I can use. But when I use it, I put a picture and sometimes I need to add letters on top of it.

If you don’t know how to set up an MS word picture, it may be difficult to add letters on top of the picture, but if you know how to set it up, you’ll find it really easy. This method is similar to the Korean language program as well as MS words, so you can set up other document preparation programs if you know it.

1. Putting a picture in a document

그림 삽입 2

There are two ways to add pictures to a document, but there are two ways to add pictures and online addresses on my computer. When you click Insert in the top menu, you can see the pictures, online pictures, and click to add them.

2. Picture settings

텍스트 뒤

If you’ve added a picture, you can set how you want the text to be represented in the picture by clicking on it after you click it.

MS워드 그림 위에 글자

There are also mouse clicks, but when you double-click on a picture, you can see various settings for the picture, where you can select Wrap Text and select Back Text.

MS워드 그림 위에 글자

When you finish setting up the MS Word picture, you can see that it is written on top of the picture. Setting up picture text allows you to enter text in pictures in a variety of ways. Then I’ll tell you how to add a picture to the right of the letter to the left, which is often seen on your blog.

3. To set the right picture

MS워드 그림 위에 글자

You can set up the illustration using the method described above, but you will see an option button on the right. You can make it as above if you select a square here and move the picture to the right, and if the letter moves to the left.

The layout option allows you to create letters and various shapes because you can drag pictures freely. Adding characters on top of MS word illustrations can be done without difficulty if you just set up the picture on top.

I use a lot of MS word with Hangul, so I will introduce various functions in the future.

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