Migration method for upgrading Lightsail PHP

“How to backup and restore your Lightsail PHP upgrade”

If you’re running WordPress using Amazon Lightsail, you’ll find that the Lightsail PHP version is low if you installed it before. Because of this, I also saw a warning to upgrade PHP in the WordPress admin screen Tools> Site Status. I looked for a way to upgrade PHP, but found that it was not possible for that instance.

Other hosting companies can upgrade PHP through settings, but I don’t know why the light sale doesn’t work, but when you create a new instance, the latest version of PHP and WordPress are installed.

The new instance here is not via snapshot. The configuration can be said to be the same because a snapshot is a copy of an existing instance, not a new instance being created.

Lightsail PHP

If so, in order to upgrade Lightsail PHP you will need to create a new instance and migrate. For those of you who are not familiar with me, the previous process may feel difficult and some may just want to use it. However, if you do a search, you can see that the speed of the Lightsail PHP site is also related to the speed of the Lightsail PHP site, and the status of the site is also classified by performance, so I delayed it for a while and recently worked on an upgrade to Lightsail PHP.

Before explaining the process of upgrading Lightsail PHP, let me first say something to keep in mind.

1. Existing used instances are not deleted until completed.

If you delete an existing instance, you cannot go back because it could be wrong during the setup process. When all the process is complete, delete it.

2. Existing server settings (redirect, address, mode, Robot, .Htaccess, etc.) Check what you have set.

Items added to the server must be checked in the existing instance so that they can be accurately applied to the newly created instance. WordPress transfers through backup, so you can use it as it is.

Then, I will explain the steps to move to the new instance in order.

1. WordPress Backup

To transfer WordPress, you need to get a backup, but there are various plugins, but if you upload a lot of images and the capacity is large, you may have to pay for the capacity limit when restoring.

Lightsail PHP

To prevent this, it is good to check your WordPress total capacity, but if you look at the information at the top of Tools> Site Status> in the WordPress manager, you can check the directory and size.

In the backup plugin, you have to check the upload capacity limit and select a plugin, but if the size is large because there are many images like me, you can use it without restrictions if you use the UpdraftPlus plugin that I used.

This plugin is basically free and you can use Google Drive for storage space, so you can reduce the burden on storage space.

1-1. Plugin settings

Lightsail PHP

If you have installed the UpdraftPlus plugin, when you enter the settings, you will see a list to select various storage spaces. Select Google Drive here, select a file to backup at the bottom, and click Save Changes.

After clicking Save Changes, if you click the link in Google Authentication in Settings, you will see a screen to link with Google Drive. Here you can connect with your Google ID. The process will not be difficult.

When the connection is complete, it will be saved in the Google Drive UpdraftPlus folder to be backed up.

1-2. back up

Lightsail PHP

After linking with Google Drive, go to Backup / Restore and click Backup Now to back up your WordPress in Google Drive.

Lightsail PHP

If you click Backup Now, the backup will proceed as shown above, but the time will vary depending on the WordPress capacity. I was about 6 gigs, so I had to wait a long time. The progress is displayed as a percentage on the screen, and the amount of disk space on the web server is displayed at the bottom of the used capacity display.

2. New instance

Lightsail PHP

If you have backed up your existing WordPress, you can enter Light Sale and create an instance on the right.

Lightsail PHP

If you have created an instance, you need to connect to WordPress. In order to know the initial password, you can click the instance and enter “Connect using SSH”, which can be viewed, and enter the command shown above to find the password.

You can copy the password by dragging it and clicking the right mouse button instead of the copy key on the keyboard.

Lightsail PHP

When you see it in the new instance, there is an IP address. After copying it, enter xxx.xxx.xx.xx/wp-admin into the browser address bar, and the login screen will appear. Here, the Username is user and the password is the one you found above.

This will allow you to enter the new instance’s WordPress admin. This process is briefly explained, so please do a search and find “How to Install Lite Sale WordPress”, then make detailed settings.

3. Backup file recovery

Lightsail PHP

If you have entered the WordPress manager of a new instance, after installing the UpdraftPlus plugin, connect Google Drive as described above and click the Rescan remote storage button at the bottom of the home screen to display the backup list.

Clicking Restore here will restore the old WordPress files in Google Drive to the new WordPress. Now, you can do the redirection, mode setting, caching setting, etc. that were previously added from the server.

Lightsail PHP

Once all the recovery and settings are complete, go to Networking on Lightsale and click the icon next to the static IP address to enter Management.

Lightsail PHP

When you enter the management, there is a connection to the instance. If you select a newly created instance after clicking Detach here, a static IP will be connected. This is probably what those of you who took and used snapshots know.

Lightsail PHP

When you’re done and check the status of your site, you’ll see the phrase “Good job because you’ve upgraded your Lightsail PHP.” It would be nice to simply upgrade from an existing instance, but it won’t work, so you have to use the method of migrating the server.

Since I installed it a long time ago, I did a new installation while searching, but it takes time, but if you are putting off the Lightsail PHP upgrade as it is important, please take a look at the above method and take some time to fix the problems while migrating. .

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