ACDSee Video Studio Editing Program Usage Reviews

Recently, we had a free ACDSee Video Studio event (from July 29th) and it was the lightest and most convenient program to use outside of high-end programs such as Premier Pro.

Expectations for event programs may not be very high, but since it is an interface used by advanced programs, it is easy to use and I liked that 4K is possible if I use the latest programs.

Although you can’t put in various effects like advanced programs, editing cuts and subtitles is lighter than advanced programs, so you can edit them more comfortably.

You can download it for free during the event period and use it for life, but if you see this article within the period, I recommend you to visit and install it.

Let’s take a quick look at what the ACDSee Video Studio editing program has.

1. Interface


If you look at the interface, it looks similar to an advanced editing program, so even those who have used other programs can quickly identify and use the program.

It’s easy to find features because of its simplicity, but if you look at the media on the left, it’s easy to find scene transitions, audio, and filters at a glance, and editing functions are only important above the timeline, so it’s easy for beginners to access.

Advanced editing programs have the advantage of being able to do various editing because they have many functions, but beginners have difficulty learning because they are complicated. So there are programs that are easy for beginners to use. ACDSee Video Studio is also a program that anyone can learn quickly and use.

One thing that’s unfortunate is that it’s possible to see the video clip large, but you can’t increase the timeline, which can make it uncomfortable to use many tracks.

2. Editing capabilities


The ACDSee Video Studio editing function is located in the timeline, where shortcuts exist as a crop, erase, and copy function, and how to find out are shortcuts when you enter Edit from the top menu.

What’s unfortunate about this is that the cut shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + S, which is a feature that is frequently used, but the key is complicated. I think it would have been convenient if it was as simple as Premier Pro C and Da Vinci Resolve S shortcuts.

There are also frequently used fade-in and fade-out functions for editing, which can be used in two places: Audio Effects and Transitions.


What I liked about this program was that the program that came out for light editing sometimes has a reduced image size or no rotation function, but as you can see above, you can reduce the size or rotate in the preview monitor.

Without this function, it is impossible to make various images appear on one screen, but it is possible because of the function.

3. Effect


The effects that can be applied to the video are clear, cloudy, and white balance that can be seen when you click Fiters, so you can drag and apply it to the video clip.

It doesn’t have much effect, but it has the most necessary effect. If you want to adjust the options after applying the effect, click Properties in the upper right corner and the Options screen will be displayed.

It’s not a high-end program, so it doesn’t adjust various figures or work much, but I think a light program is better when I see acquaintances who are reluctant to use the program because there are many options.


If there is no time adjustment after applying the effect, there is an inconvenience of having to cut, but if you click the ▲ mark on the time line, you can see the effect applied as shown above and adjust the spacing.

4. ACDSee Video Studio review


I downloaded it for free during the event period and used it, and it was much lighter than I expected, so it was good to edit, and I liked the fact that the editing function was also able to adjust options.

Advanced programs also have an impact on computer specifications, but since they are lightweight programs, I think they are more comfortable when editing and adding subtitles without effects.

There is also an ACDSee Video Studio screen recording program, so those who create games or computer courses can use the program without having to install it.

There are up to 4 versions, but the free download program is version 3, so if you want to upgrade it, you can visit the website and see the additional features to decide.

I’ve seen various programs from free programs to light ones, but ACDSee Video Studio is easy to use and everything is necessary, so I think it’s a good program to use if you edit cuts and subtitles a lot.

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