Two ways to create a Google Docs Table of Contents

Using the table of contents when writing allows users to easily understand and quickly navigate to the information they want. I write blog posts using Google docs, and I’ll find out how to create a Google docs table of contents for people like me.

There are two ways to make a table of contents, general and linked. The generic type is a way to create a table of contents and know what you wrote, which is a common way to print, and the linked type is available on the web, and if you click it, you will be moved to that table of contents.

For those of you who write in Google docss and move to blogs like me, there is a Table of Contents plug-in, so you don’t have to make your own table of contents.

Then, let’s organize how to create a Google docs table of contents for those who don’t know it.

1. Google Docs Table of Contents – General Type

Google Docs

There are two ways to add a generic table of contents: go to Insert from the top menu and click Table of Contents. Click here to add the page number included.

Google Docs

Adding a table of contents with page numbers creates a table of contents as you can see above, and the first time you add it, nothing comes out because you didn’t type, but if you type a subhead and press the refresh button shown above, it creates a table of contents.

Google Docs

If you type the title in plain text, it will not be generated in the table of contents, but you must create a title with the title 1,2,3,4… in the paragraph style to create the title in the table of contents.

Additionally, if subheadings such as 1-1 and 1-2 are added, do not write them in plain text, but the following steps: Title 2,3,4…. When you create a paragraph style below, a subheading is created underneath the subheading as shown above.

2. Google Docs Table of Contents – Link Type

Google Docs

The linked table of contents is convenient for long articles, and you can move quickly to the table of contents of your choice. The usage method is the same as the regular table of contents, and you can add the blue link type in the table of contents insert.

Then the table of contents will change to blue as shown above, and if you click, you will move to that table of contents. I’ve looked at two ways to create a Google Docs Table of Contents, and if you write a title in paragraph style, it’ll be automatically generated, so it won’t be difficult to create a table of contents.

If you’re writing on a blog or site, creating a table of contents will have a good impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so try adding subheadings and table of contents.

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