How to set and share YouTube playtime

” How to set and share YouTube playtime “

If you watch YouTube often and share videos you like, you want it to be played at any time you want.

I often share classes, but I wanted to make them appear at the desired time and provide information quickly, so I looked for how to play them according to the set time.

Based on what I found in the customer center, YouTube provides a function to set up playback at any time and the size is also possible by modifying the code.

If you’re new to it, it may feel difficult, but if you look at the explanation below, you’ll be able to easily adjust the YouTube playback time and size.

1. Set playtime on YouTube Playtime

YouTube playtime

If you click on the YouTube video you want to share, you can see the function ‘Copy video URL at the current time’. Click this to copy the playing address at the current time.


For example, the URL address that you copied, and if you look here, the bold part is the code that sets the time. You can set the time after the address, and t=47 means play it in 47 seconds.

If you play at 1 minute and 19 seconds, type t=79. However, it can be complicated because you have to set it yourself, so it is convenient to copy the URL by clicking after stopping playing the video.

If you have to enter it yourself, if it’s 1 minute and 20 seconds, you don’t have to calculate it in seconds, so it won’t be difficult to set it up.

2. Set purge time

YouTube playtime

You can set a playback start time without having to modify the code yourself. Press the Share button on the right side of the playback screen and click Purge. – Formal description of the purge function

YouTube playtime

If you press the purge button, you will see the screen above, and if you check the start time shown above and set the time, the start code will be added to the code.

Purging videos is a code that allows you to insert YouTube videos into a site or blog, not into a URL address. Therefore, the URL address method introduced at first opens the video with a new tab, but the purging can be viewed by playing it right away on the site.

3. Modify the size

YouTube playtime

If you insert a video into a site or blog with the purge function, it may not be set to the desired size. So you have to modify the size yourself, but you can adjust the width and height levels shown above.

If you find the site or blog area in Chrome developer mode and modify the code, you can insert YouTube videos accordingly without breaking away from it.

YouTube playtime

There may be people who don’t know how to use Chrome Developer Mode, but when you press the F12 button in your Chrome browser, Developer Mode appears on the right, and when you click the Select button and it’s located in the body or sidebar, you can see the size as shown above.

If you share a lot of YouTube videos, please watch the explanation above and set the YouTube playback time to quickly deliver the information you want and insert the video in the appropriate size.

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