How to send a text computer

If you need to text or send Kakaotalk when using your computer, it may be inconvenient to take out your smartphone and send it. Especially if you send it in a businesslike way, it’s more inconvenient because you send it a lot, but there’s a way to send a text computer.

It may be difficult to set up the method, but once you set it up, you can continue to use it, so if you text often at work, you can send it as comfortable as the Kakaotalk PC version.

The good thing about introducing is that if you don’t install the application on your computer and just authenticate the QR code in your browser, you can connect with your smartphone to check and send messages.

Then let’s find out how to send a text computer in order.

1. Install App

text computer

First, there is an app provided by Google that allows you to send messages from your smartphone. Search with the Messages app shown above and install the one marked with Google LLC.

When you install the message app and run it, there is a default chat app setting button, so click this to set it as default.

2. Interact with PC

text computer

Once you’ve installed and run the Messages app, you’ll see a list of messages you’ve been sending and receiving, as shown above. Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner to see <Message App Version> and click here.

Then you’ll see the screen on the right side of the image above, where you can enter the address in your PC browser and click the button.

This address is convenient when you bookmark or browse again later.

text computer

When you press the QR code scanner button, the recognition screen appears, and if you recognize it in the QR code of the screen that entered the browser, it connects with the PC.

text computer

If you connect with your PC, you’ll see a list of messages you’ve exchanged so far, remember the current computer above? You will see the confirmation screen.

If you want to continue using the message function, you can press the Yes button and send it directly to your smartphone without re-authentication.

3. Send to Text Computer

text computer

It’s a simple way to use it, but on the left you can check the text you’ve exchanged so far, and if you click it, you can see the conversation on the right. And if you want to send a new text message, just press the chat start button shown on the left.

When you press the Start Chat button, you will see a list of contacts saved on your smartphone, and you can select and send messages.s. You can also send it to multiple people by pressing the Add User button at the top, not just one person.

4. Delete linked computers

text computer

When you enter the Message App version, you’ll see a list of computers that are currently linked, and if you’re not using it, tap X to remove them, or click Log Out from All Computers to delete them.

I explained how to send a text computer, but it may feel difficult, but you can use it as soon as you install the app on your smartphone and authenticate with a QR code browser, so you can send text messages to your computer without difficulty.

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