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Following the Oklahoma map, I made a Arkansas map located in the United States again. Arkansas is an American state between Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma that shows nature so beautiful that it is nicknamed the State of Nature.

The name Arkansas was first discovered by a French explorer and is French, meaning downstream. The major cities are Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, and so on.

Arkansas has an area of 137,733 km², and if you just look at it, you won’t know what size it is. So if you compare it to other countries, you can see that it is very large, with 100,210km² in Korea, 131,957km² in Greece, 92,212km² in Portugal, and 30,689km² in Belgium.

The population is 3,017,804, and the population density is 21.8 people/km², indicating that the population is smaller than the large area. Compared to other countries, there are 515 people/km² in Korea, 243 people/km² in the UK, and 337 people/km² in Japan.

Compared to other countries, the GDP that shows the economy is $129.8 billion, which is about $24.5 billion in Cambodia, $17.9 billion in Laos, $71.2 billion in Myanmar, and 65.1 billion in Bulgaria, which is higher than a country’s GDP.

The GDP per capita, which shows the real economic situation of the residents, is 36,368, which is high considering that Korea is $31,362. But compared to the entire state of the United States, it belongs to a poor state.

Arkansas’s major industries are meat processing, paper packaging, wood products, lighting electrical appliances, transportation logistics, production technology, and food processing, making it the largest meat processing company in the United States.

The service sector is high enough to account for more than 70 percent of Arkansas’ gross domestic product and is concentrated in most of the major cities in the service industry, Little Rock and other metropolitan areas.

There are many financial and insurance companies, and hotels, restaurants and retailers are located in the Reflok area and northwest. Manufacturing is the industry that supports Arkansas, and food processing accounts for a particularly high percentage.

Synthetic metal products, transportation is also an important manufacture, and aircraft parts, automotive parts and trains are also produced. In agriculture, chickens are produced the most, and beef, dairy products, eggs, pigs and turkeys are also produced a lot.

Cotton, rice, and beans are mainly produced as crops, and rice is the most produced in the United States. Mining produces the most natural gas, followed by petroleum, the only diamond-mining state in the United States.

Arkansas’ main exporters are Canada, Mexico, France, Japan, China, and South Korea, followed by China, France, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and South Korea.

Beautiful nature attracts many tourists, including the Crystal Bridge American Museum of Art, Ozark Mountains, Hot Springs National Park, Gavan Woodland Garden, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls, Wagner Crystal Mine, Diamond Crater State Park, Buffalo National River and the White River.

The weather is humid in summer, very hot, and in winter, it is dry and very cold. To learn about Arkansas this much and tell you about the map, we used illustrator programs and used Photoshop only when we added colors.

Not only one Arkansas map type was made, but it was made of three colors, basic maps, and contour maps so that they could be used for various purposes. All of you can download it for free by clicking on the Google drive at the bottom.

1. Arkansas Map

arkansas map

This is the image of the Arkansas map we made this time. Since the boundary line is not that difficult, the process of making the frame did not take long, and the most time was the region’s name marked in Korean and English.

Because we’ve used colors to distinguish regions, it’s good for printing and walling, and it’s good for providing information about Arkansas on blogs and sites.

If you’re using it for uploading on the Internet, you can use the image above, and if you want to print or do additional graphics, click on the Google drive at the bottom to download the original image.

The local name is marked by the Korean name through Google Search, so if there is anything wrong, please leave a comment and we will correct it as soon as we check.

2. Basic Map

arkansas map

The Arkansas map, which contains the colors directly above, can be bad for those who need to print a large amount of ink because printing requires a lot of ink. So it’s a basic map that removes the colors used to distinguish regions.

It doesn’t look complicated because it doesn’t have a color, and you’ll see the local name better. And if you’re interested in providing information about a particular region, you’ll save time because you don’t have to remove colors when you’re working on graphics.

3. Outline Map

arkansas map

Finally, it is an Arkansas map with only contours that remove all colors and region names. It’s a good type of map to use after printing, and for those who want to add statistics or local information about Arkansas directly using graphic programs.

We’re not only making Arkansas map but also maps of various countries, but we still have a lot left, but we’ll continue to make them all. If you are providing information through the map, please refer to the map category above and download the necessary country and region maps for free.

※ Go to [Google Drive] and click the download button on the top right to get the Arkansas map above.

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