It will be shown at the Ailee regular album ‘LOVIN’ concert stage.


Source: Ailee Instagram

“Ailee new album ‘LOVIN’ will be released at the concert. “

Singer Ailee will unveil her full-length album “LOVIN,” which will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 7, for the first time at a national tour concert. The tour was scheduled at the end of December last year, but it was canceled due to Corona, but it will be held again next month.

Starting with Gunpo on May 1, concerts will be held to Anseong, Goyang, Busan, Gwangju, and Iksan, but the Seoul metropolitan area and Seoul are not currently scheduled.

Reservations for the concert can be made at Interpark Ticket, and the schedule shows Gunpo (May 1), Anseong (May 8), Goyang (June 5), Busan (June 19), Gwangju (June 26), and Iksan (July 3).

The concert is said to have thorough quarantine and distance between the seats due to the outbreak of infectious diseases, and use online chatting to communicate with fans.

The full-length album “LOVIN” was released on April 23, and six songs including the double title songs “Make up your mind”, “Spring Flower”, “Tattoo”, “525”, “Lose myself to you”, and “Ain’t talkin’ about me” are included on the track.

Information on future albums will be released on April 26th, Art Film on April 28th, M/V Teaser #1, Hightlight Medley on May 4th, M/V Teaser #2, and Album Release on May 7th.

Fans are leaving comments of love for Ailee, including “I’m looking forward to seeing her cool singing and emotional tone,” “I’m already excited,” “Im Love It,” and “Excited” with the release of her full-length album in seven months following her 5th mini album I’m released on October 6 last year.

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