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If you search for a USA Map to download it, it comes in a variety of ways, but it can be inconvenient to mark because it contains a lot of colors. And I made it myself because I was worried about copyrights.

When I searched for related search terms on Google, I downloaded the search terms for the map of the United States, so I made a frame and created various kinds of things. If you like the description, you can download it at the bottom.

1. Map of the USA

usa map

It’s an American map made using illustrator program. There are no graphic elements, and the color was only made black. Local signs are in Korean and English, and Alaska and Hawaii are separately written below.

It may not be good for those who want a map with a lot of graphic elements, but I think it will be useful for people who write with statistical marks like me.

The size is 3484 x 2447 and the capacity is 1.09MB.

The method of operation was to bring the USA map provided by the portal to the illustrator, use a pencil tool to draw the outline, and then only the region was dotted.

Then, after marking the region, I added shadow effects to give a three-dimensional feel.

2. Exclude Display

usa map

When I uploaded another map, there were some people who wanted it not marked as a region, so I made a map that wasn’t marked as a region. I think it would be useful for those who want to display local statistics or for those who want to display them in other languages when writing.

3. Show abbreviations

usa map

If you look at the map of the United States, you will see an abbreviation of states. This is used by the U.S. Post Office to distinguish, and I made it after looking at the details of Wikipedia.

4. Map with national flag in it

usa map

There were some people who wanted a map with the American flag in the related search term. So I made a PNG file with no background so that people who work on video editing or graphics can work comfortably.

usa map

I thought some people might want a 3D feel, not a plain flag. This sauce is also made of PNG without a background, and if you want to know how to make wrinkles on the flag, please refer to the post on how to express wrinkles on the flag of Photoshop.

I made what I needed by looking at the search terms related to the USA map, and if I find another type later, I’ll work on it and update it. I hope this is helpful for people who write on sites or blogs or work on graphics.

※ Go to [Google Drive] and press the download button on the upper right to get the map.

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