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Following the Nebraska map, I made a Oklahoma map located in the United States again. Oklahoma is located in the south-central part of the state, between Kansas to the north, Arkansas to the east, and Texas to the west.

Oklahoma is the 20th largest in 50 states with an area of 181,040 km². It’s not easy to tell how big it is in terms of numbers, but if you compare it to other countries, you can see that Greece is 131,957 km², Korea is 100,210 km², Portugal is 92,212 km², and Belgium is 30,689 km².

It has a population of 3,956,971, the 28th largest of the 50 states in the United States. The population density is 21.3 people/km², which is less dense than 515 people/km² in Korea, 243 people/km² in the UK, and 337 people/km² in Japan.

The GDP, which shows the economy, is 203.25 billion dollars, compared to developing countries, shows that it is 71.2 billion dollars in Myanmar, 24.5 billion dollars in Cambodia, and 17.9 billion dollars in Laos, higher than the country’s total GDP.

The GDP per capita, which shows the lives of residents, is $50,613, which is very high considering that Korea is $31,362. Oklahoma’s industries are heavily affected by oil price fluctuations because they are rich in natural resources and support the state’s economy with oil and gas.

Agriculture produces a lot of cattle and wheat due to its abundant land, and beef is produced in large quantities in the United States, and there are many farms, so pork and dairy products are also produced.

In addition to agriculture and mining, various manufacturing industries such as telecommunications, aviation, transportation equipment, food processing and electricity are developed, and the headquarters of famous companies are located.

Oklahoma’s major exporters are Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands, while Korea ranks 11th. The main importers are Canada, China, Mexico, Germany, Japan, and Korea ranks 12th.

The climate is very similar to Seoul and tornadoes often occur because of strong winds. Tourism is also nicknamed the state of preoccupiers because it can meet Western history and Aboriginal culture.

Top tourist attractions include Route 66, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Olarock Museum and Wildlife Reserve, Kilchris Museum, Chicaso Cultural Center, Wichita Mountain Road, Turner Falls Park, Talimena National Landscape Road, Woody Gusri Center, Marland Mansion and Private Property.

It is a place where many tourists visit because it has a mix of Western history, Native American culture, and Southern culture, and there are casinos. If I can look into Oklahoma and tell you about the map, the program I used for production is illustrator and I used Photoshop to add colors.

Not only one map was made, but the color map, basic map, and outline map were made for various purposes. All maps can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the Google drive at the end of the article.

1. Oklahoma Map

oklahoma map

It didn’t take long to make the outline because the Oklahoma map we made today was not difficult, and most of the work that took a long time was English maps, so it took a long time to find the Korean name.

I don’t think there will be anything wrong with the region name because it was found by typing an English mark on Google, but if there is anything wrong, please leave a comment and I will check and correct it and upload it again.

We’ve color-coded the regions, so it’ll be great for printing and then gluing them to the wall or attaching them to your blog or site when writing about Oklahoma.

When attaching to a blog or site, it’s a small amount if you download the image above, so it’s good to attach and if you want to print, click on the Google drive at the bottom to download the original size.

2. Basic Map

oklahoma map

The next is the Oklahoma map, which removes the color for regional distinction. Some people prefer it because it’s good to see if there’s color, but when printing in bulk, it consumes a lot of ink, so a map without color is good.

And if you provide information about a particular region, it’s good to use when adding colors only in that region, and it’s good to take notes after printing.

3. Outline Map

oklahoma map

Finally, this is an Oklahoma map with all colors and region names removed. We’ve checked all the broken lines with a map type that’s good for graphic workers to use, so you don’t need to do any additional connections.

Especially if you want to put in the colors and information you want, you can use the map above to shorten your working time. We’ve made maps of various countries and cities as well as Oklahoma maps, so please refer to the top map menu and download the necessary maps for free.

※ Go to [Google Drive] and click the download button on the top right to get the Oklahoma map above.

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