Increase subscribers by adding YouTube watermark

If you’re starting YouTube, you’ll make various efforts to increase the number of subscribers, and the most basic thing is to add a YouTube watermark, which comes out in the bottom right of the video, and automatically allows subscriptions when clicked.

There’s a subscriber button on YouTube, and some people might think that it’s going to have a big impact on the video, but the subscription button is not in the video, and it’s something they watch every time they watch, so they don’t press it.

But the watermark inside the video is made with its own logo, so it’s more likely to come into your eyes and click. For those who haven’t started YouTube for the first time or added watermarks, let me explain.

1. YouTube Studio

YouTube watermarks

If you’re running your own channel, you can see YouTube Studio by clicking on your profile on the right. You can add a YouTube watermark only when you enter here and set it up.

YouTube watermarks

Once you enter the YouTube studio, you will be able to see the settings in the bottom left corner. You can go in here.

YouTube watermarks

When you enter the YouTube studio setting, you will see the screen above, where you can enter the channel and then enter Branding from the top menu.

When you enter Branding, you can view the movie watermark settings, where you can add an image to use for the watermark and add a subscriber watermark.

If you look at the explanatory phrase above, it is good for improving brand and channel awareness by adding video watermarks to the content. “As YouTube recommends, it is recommended to add subscriber watermarks by default.

2. YouTube Watermark Image

YouTube watermarks

The YouTube watermark image must be in PNG or GIF format and must be 150×150 pixels, 1MB or less. And if you look above, you’ll see that you should use an image without a background.

Therefore, you need to save the image file without a background as a PNG file format, and delete the background when you create the image. It’s not necessary to remove the background, but YouTube itself recommends that it doesn’t have a background and makes it a PNG file because it comes out neatly.

YouTube watermarks

If you made a subscription watermark with a PNG file, click the Select Image button to upload it. You can then view it in the preview as shown above and set the display time on the right.

  • End of video: Watermark branding appears at the end of the video for 15 seconds.
  • Justification Start Time: Watermark branding appears from the time you select.
  • Full Video: Watermark branding continues to appear throughout the video.

If you uploaded the watermark image and set the display time, press the Save button on the bottom right to complete it.

If you make YouTube watermark with your own logo or an image that catches your eye, viewers will be more likely to watch and click to subscribe. It is difficult to increase YouTube subscribers, so it is recommended to set up most of the recommendations on YouTube’s official channels.

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