How to download Instagram photo videos

“How to Download Mobile-Only Instagram Photos Videos”

Instagram is a representative SNS where so many pictures and videos are uploaded. But there are people who are looking for how to download because there is no function to download not only your own photos but also other people’s photos. So I’ll learn how to download Instagram photo using Chrome browser extension on my PC.

I’d like to recommend you because it’s an extension that allows you to download photos and videos at once, and you can download all the uploaded pictures at once. For those who don’t use Chrome browser, we will also tell you how to use the website.

1. Installing an extension program

Instagram photo

If you need to download from a Chrome Web store and enter <instagram downloader> in the search window, you can find extensions at the parent so far. But since you might not be able to find it later, I’ll put a shortcut to that extension below. Click to go to the appropriate extension program and click Add to CHROME in the upper right corner to install it in Chrome.

[ About Chrome Extensions ]

Chrome browser extension for quick and easy download of images and videos from Instagram

Update Date: August 16, 2018 (continuously updated)

Size: 449KB

Language: 5 available

2. How to use the extension program

Instagram photo

Instagram photo

When you complete the installation in Chrome browser and enter Instagram, you can see that a download-shaped icon was created in the upper right corner of Chrome, and an icon was created on Instagram. Both functions the same, but if you press the icons on Instagram, you can download them by specifying the number of icons, and you can download the icons on the upper right side by looking at the image.

※ If all photos are downloaded, if there are many pictures, it may get disconnected while saving them. Please download while adjusting the number of storage.

But there are two ways to download all the uploaded photos and videos, and there are ways to download them individually. It’s very simple, but I’ll see how to do it below.

Instagram photo

It’s really simple to download individually, but you can see the icon <Download> when you hover your mouse point over the picture in the post. You can download photos and videos by clicking on this. The advantage of the extension is that it’s simple to use and not just individually downloadable, but the entire page can be downloaded.

I didn’t dare to download each Instagram photo I uploaded, but through this extension program, I was able to download all the pictures I had uploaded.

3. Ability to create posts

Instagram photo

I explained about the function of downloading pictures on Instagram, but there are other great functions. This feature allows you to create posts on your PC, and if you look to the right of your profile, you can create them by tapping the icon that looks like a picture. Please note that only JPG and JPEG can be extended.

Instagram photo

There are three ways to create a post: Add to profile, add to story, create mobile mode The way I use it on my PC is convenient because I can write it right away without going to additional screens in my profile.

Instagram photo

For people who are uncomfortable or unable to adapt to writing on a PC, <Create Mobile Mode> is the way you can do with your smartphone (mobile). When you enter, you can do it as if you were creating a post on your smartphone, as shown on the screen above.

There are extensions that allow you to create Instagram posts on your PC, but most of the time, there are no photo and video download functions, so the extension that you introduce is also good in terms of functionality.

4. How to use the site

Instagram photo

To download Instagram photo from the site, click on the post of the picture you want to download first, and it will be as big as the screen above. You must copy the address (URL) at the top of the browser. This is because the site is downloaded through this post address (URL). Now you can go to the instaget site.

Instagram photo

When you enter the instaGet site, you will see a window on the first screen that enters the address of the Instagram photo post copied from above. You can paste the address of the Instagram post you copied earlier. And if you wait a little bit, it comes out like below.

Instagram photo

If you enter the address and wait a little, you will see the Instagram photo of the address on the big screen. Here, you can see the Save Image As option when you click on the picture. You can download it by clicking on it.

Sites can be convenient to download one or two photos, but it’s not easy to download multiple photos, because they copy the address of a photo, unlike the extension above.

So if you want to download a lot, please use Chrome browser extension to download it comfortably.

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