Introduction to Instagram PC Version Chrome Extension Program

“Two programs available for mobile-only Instagram PC versions”

Instagram is a mobile-based SNS, so you can only check posts on PCs and upload them. Therefore, if you have photos or calibrations stored on your PC, you may transfer them to your smartphone. But if you use Chrome browser extension, you can use Instagram PC version.

The previous extensions were inconvenient to use, but the recent Instagram PC version extensions are very comfortable to upload posts, so many people use them.  It’s not difficult to use it, but the functions are displayed on Instagram, so beginners can know and use them right away.

Among the various Instagram extensions I’ve searched, I’ll introduce you to two extensions that are most intuitive and easy to use. You can look at the image and description and choose what you like and use you like.

1. Desktop for Instagram

Instagram PC

Desktop for Instagram, the first introduction of Desktop for Instagram, is a popular Chrome extension program with 418,309 users. Basically, you can see posts, write posts, and download images, so it’s the best extension for those who are looking for the PC version of Instagram.

Instagram PC

When you install Desktop for Instagram, an icon is created in the upper right corner of Chrome, and you can click it to see Instagram running on your smartphone as shown above. You can use it as you use it on your mobile, but you can see the option on the right.

– Full format photo link: Option to make the image visible in large

– Download photo button : Display image download button

Instagram PC

When you use the option and hover your mouse over the post, the icon you see on the screen above. First, you can save the image to my computer by clicking Downloadable. Second, you can see the image in a big way. If you click on the big image, you can download the image.

Instagram PC

You can do the same thing as you do on your mobile, but you can upload an image from my computer by pressing the + button. But the difference between Instagram and mobile is that the filter doesn’t come out. This part may be disappointing, but since it is a PC version, I don’t think it’s a big problem in that it can be uploaded after calibration through various programs.

If you press the next button, the post will be uploaded on Instagram when you press the location, post phrases, and tags like mobile. This extension is recommended because it can be viewed on the same screen as on mobile.

2. Instagram Downloader

Instagram PC

Next, the Instagram PC version extension program that I am currently using is the most popular extension program with higher ratings and users than the extension program that I introduced right above the Instagram downloader.

It is an easy extension program in that buttons are created when you access the Instagram PC version, allowing you to create posts and download images.

※ The biggest advantage of the Instagram downloader is that you can download images from any page you see.

Instagram PC

To download an image first, when you hover your mouse over the image in the post, a download button is created that appears on the screen above. If you click this, you can save an Instagram image on my computer.

The reason why this feature is convenient is because the extension program that downloads the image on the screen is small in size, but it is good to use the above feature to download the original image.

Instagram PC

The second method is to download all the images you see, and you can see the download icon at the top. When you click this, it automatically detects and shows the current number of pages, and after you set it up, you click Download, and you can download all the images when you’re done.

※ If there are a lot of images on the page you are currently viewing, the operation may be interrupted in the middle. Therefore, please set the appropriate range.

Instagram PC

To learn how to create a post, see the Create Post icon in the upper right corner of your profile. If you click on it, you can create it divided into additional options for profile and story. And you can also write in mobile mode, so you can write posts more comfortably.

I introduced two programs, and the first one is comfortable in that it can be done as it is on mobile, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to use the story function.

On the other hand, the Instagram PC version extension program, which was introduced the second time, has the ability to download all images, so I recommend the second time if I would recommend the second time.

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