How to Block Facebook News Feed Advertisements

“How to block ads from watching Facebook news feeds.”

Facebook is the most popular SNS with Instagram all over the world. As a result, there are a lot of people who advertise news feeds on Facebook, so you can see ads in the middle of Facebook posts. Unlike portals, Facebook is a place where there are fewer people who block advertisements because they can get good information.

However, there may be people who are uncomfortable with the advertisement. So I’d like to introduce you to how to block Facebook newsfeed ads individually and how to block them using Chrome extension programs.

I’m not blocking it because it’s fun to see how it’s being made while watching advertisements from various companies, but if you want to see only your friends’ posts, it can be uncomfortable to see them.

So I’d like to introduce some Chrome extensions that make it easier for people who use Chrome browsers to block ads on Facebook. It’s not difficult to use it, so please look at the description below and install what you like.

1. How to block individually

Facebook News

If you look at the Facebook newsfeed, you’ll see an advertisement marked <Sponsored> in the author. These days, there are many contents made of videos, so it’s fun to watch, but if you keep seeing what you’ve seen, if you press the ··· shape at the top right, you’ll get the option as shown above. If you press <Hide ads> here, the advertisement will not appear in the future.

And if inappropriate advertisements such as gambling continue to be displayed, it is also a way to notify Facebook through advertising declaration before hiding them.

Facebook News

When you click Hide Ad, you will get a question window about the problem. 1. It’s not related to me. 2. You watch it over and over again. 3. Contains misleading, offensive or inappropriate content. You can make 3 choices like this.

You can choose the reason why you want to hide the advertisement. Advertisements show interest or something, so if you continue to see something unrelated, you’d better choose the first one.

If there aren’t many ads, you can block them individually, but there are probably people who have a hard time blocking each one because there are too many. So we’re going to look at a Chrome extension that can block not only news feeds but also ads on the right.

2. Social Network Adblocker

Facebook News

To install the Chrome extension, enter the <Chrome Web Store> and you’ll find a search window in the upper left corner where you can search for <Adblock for Facebook> to see several extensions. You can install it by pressing the Add button on the Social Network Adblock CHROME.

Facebook News

When you install the Chrome extension program, the upper right icon is created, and if you click into a blue family with arrows on the circle, you can choose to see advertisements by type. At the top, there is a button on whether to run the extension, but when set to ON, it starts working.

When you start working, you can see the number of ads you blocked at the bottom. I introduced it because it is simple to use.

3. Adblock for Youtube

Facebook News

The extension program introduced above blocks ads only on Facebook, but Adblocker for Youtube can block ads as well as Facebook newsfeed ads. The installation method is the same, but if you enter a search term from the left side of the web store, you’ll see an extension called Youtube’s ad blocker shown above.

You can install it in a Chrome browser by pressing the Add to CHROME button here.

Facebook News

When you finish installing the extension, you can see the red icon YAB in the upper right corner. If you click this and select it, ads from YouTube videos won’t appear, and you can see at the bottom, there’s Block FB Ads. This is an option to block Facebook newsfeed ads, which will start working when you check.

The reason why I introduce this program is because it is an extension that blocks advertisements on YouTube and Facebook at the same time, so if you use Facebook and YouTube at the same time, it will be convenient to use the extension program above without having to install many things.

Facebook is a place where so many posts are posted, so using features such as “View your close friend’s posts first” to make sure that you don’t get bored while using SNS that make you look like the posts you want.

And if you have a lot of advertisements, choose from the methods you’ve introduced above to block ads on Facebook newsfeed and collect only your friends’ posts.

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