How to Download Youtube Videos Programs and Sites

“Two Programs to Download Youtube Videos”

YouTube is a representative video platform that many people enjoy watching when they are bored and studying.  I opened a channel on YouTube and uploaded a video, but there are probably people who want to download the original version because it disappeared or want to practice editing and receive music (MP3).

But there are times when there is no download function and I want to download it in high definition, but sometimes it doesn’t work. So, let’s talk about two programs and how to download Youtube videos.

1. YouTube Download HD

Download Youtube

What’s often used as a download program for YouTube videos is that you can search for download youtube HD on the portal or search for <Youtube downloader HD>. You can download the program if you go to this site.

Download Youtube

When you enter the site, there is a download button for each operating system in the center. Because you have Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can download and install the right one for your operating system.

Download Youtube

If you install it and run it, it comes out like the screen above. Number 1 is the place to set the quality of the video to be downloaded, and you will choose the highest HD and download it. Next, number 2 is the URL address of the YouTube download video.

The URL address of the YouTube video is copied by right clicking on the video screen. You can paste it in. And number 3 is where to set up where to save Save to. After setup, you can download Youtube video by pressing the Download button on the bottom right.

If you use the program, you can download high-definition video, so many people use it. Let’s look at the site where you download MVP 3 first.

2. 4K Video Downloader

Download Youtube

The advantage of 4K Vdieo Downloader is that you can download higher-quality YouTube videos than the Youtube downloader HD introduced above. One disadvantage is that the free version can only be downloaded 30 times a day.

These days, 4K YouTube videos are uploaded a lot, so if you want to download 4K videos, you can download them without difficulty. I also download 4K videos using this program, but not all videos are possible.

I’m not sure why, but if you look at the settings, there’s a video that says, “You can’t choose the quality. The phrase “is believed to have been blocked. Most 4K videos are downloadable, so it’s convenient and good to use when you want to download high-definition Youtube videos.

Download Youtube

It’s not difficult to use it, but if you have a video you want to download while watching YouTube, you can copy the address and the YouTube logo will appear on the <Link Copy> shown above, and you can download it as soon as you click it.

By default, the quality setting is 1080, so you can go into the smart mode shown above and set the format, quality, subtitle download status, and download folder. There are 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, 8k and so on. If you want to download with the highest quality, you can choose Best Quality.

It will be more useful than the first program you introduced because you can download it right away without having to copy and paste your YouTube address again and because you can download high-definition.

3. MP3 Fiber Site

Download Youtube

If you search for MP3 Fiber on the portal, you will see Facebook at first, and you can see the site below. This is a site that is often used to extract music from YouTube, but you can also download YouTube videos. If you use this site, it is more convenient to use Chrome than Explorer.

But this site has the disadvantage of advertising pop-ups, so I hope you won’t be embarrassed if you log on at first and see a pop-up window.

Download Youtube

If you go into the website, it comes out like the screen above. You can enter the URL address of the video number 1 and choose whether to download it to MP4 (video) and MP3 (music source).

Download Youtube

When you’ve set up all of the above, click Download Now! below. There may be people who click MP3 next to you, but if you press it, it will go to a different page, so it’s better not to press it.

Download Youtube

When you press Download, you will be able to convert as shown above. It won’t take long, so if you wait a little bit, you’ll see the download Youtube video page.

Download Youtube

When the conversion process is over, it comes out like the screen above. You can download it by pressing Download Now! in white letters here. Except for the disadvantage of advertising pop-ups, this site is used by many people because you can download videos from various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo to MP3.

I found out about the programs and sites where you can download YouTube videos. Since they are copyrighted, please do not upload or redistribute them after downloading them.

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