‘Cubi’ site features make it easy to manage Twitter

“Cubi site with a few clicks to manage Twitter”

Twitter used to be the most popular SNS in the past, but now it has fallen a lot due to the creation of various SNS such as Facebook and Instagram, but it is still a representative SNS used by many people. In the past, there used to be many apps and sites that could manage Twitter, but now they are all gone and only the site called Cubi remains.

Cubi site is a site that has various functions such as cross-arm management, tweet vacuum cleaner, mind vacuum cleaner, and finding the best fans. I started Twitter to share it while blogging, and the hardest thing to manage was cross-selling.

Twitter has restrictions on follower and follower ratios, so you can follow them anymore without management. Because of this, we are continuously managing it through a website called Cubi.

※ The Twitter follow limit is set to prevent system load and limit abuse. You can follow a total of 5,000 users per account, which varies from account to account, based on the percentage of followers and followers. This percentage is not open to the public (only 1,000 followers per day) – Twitter


If you search the cubi site on the search engine, you can find it easily. When you enter the site, you will see the menus as shown above, and if you look here, there are various functions such as tweetbot, tweet cleaner, tweet diary, mind cleaner, and finding the best fans, so it can be useful for managing Twitter. Let me explain the functions.

1. Tweet Cleaner


If you tweet a lot, you’ll get a lot of tweets, so it takes a lot of time. So it’s a function that can be useful when you want to clean up at once. Through the Mention, Mind, and Retweet options, you can delete only the tweets you want, but if you look at the bottom, you can delete them more accurately by excluding certain keywords.

Usually, this feature is used to delete existing tweets at once if the topic of writing on Twitter changes. Through this function, I was able to organize Twitter, which I used only as a daily life, into a place for blog sharing.

2. Tweet diary (statistics)


If you can see statistics when managing Twitter, it is easier to manage. But there was no place to provide these statistics, but you could see them in Cubi. You can’t check it out right away, but if you log in on Twitter and go into the tweet log, you can see the phrase “It’s coming out” from the second time.

When you get back to the site the next day, you’ll see statistics (you’ll have to collect the data, so you’ll see next time) and follow-up growth at a glance through the graph, which helps you determine the direction of operations.

3. Find the best fans



There is the best fan-finding feature on Twitter, which analyzes the recent 800 tweets that mentioned me and finds the nine friends who mentioned me the most. It’s a useful feature when you manage your followers because you can find your best friend.

When you press the Launch button, you can check the results on your Twitter account instead of on the current page.

4. Unpal Explorer


As mentioned above, you will most likely use <Unpal Explorer> to manage your forearms. There may be people who don’t know each other’s arms, but if you apply for follow-up, it means that you have a follow-up. If I explain it to you easily, if you accept my friend request, we will be on the same page.

Once you run the Unpal Explorer, you can’t find it again until 15 minutes later. It’s really easy to un-pal. If you press the button on the right side of the list, you’ll be un-pal. You can see a list of 50 people at once, but if you un-sell many friends at once, you can be sanctioned, so it’s good to keep Twitter under control.

5. Cubi Keywords



The Cubi keyword is a summary of the keywords that you used most in your tweets, and you can check them on your Twitter account by tapping the Launch button. This feature can help you choose your own hashtag.

In the past, there were various apps and sites, so even I installed or signed up to manage Twitter, but now most of them are not available, so I manage them through the <Cubi> introduced above. If you’re having a hard time managing Twitter, please feel free to manage Twitter through CUBi

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