To set up if there is no Chrome translation icon

There are many reasons for using Chrome, but in my case, it is useful when looking at materials from other countries because it has a chrome translation function.

So I recommend Chrome browser to my acquaintances if they are still using Explorer. Recently, my acquaintance asked me how to set up the translation icon because I can’t see the translation icon while looking at documents from other countries, so I told you how to do it.

If you know the computer well or if you’ve used Chrome for a long time, you can find it quickly, but if you use Chrome for the first time, you may not know about the translation function.

So I want to know how to set the chrome translation icon by language and how to automatically translate certain languages. It’s a quick way to do it with a few clicks, so if you’re curious, please follow the instructions below.  – Chrome Download

1. Set Chrome Translation Icon

Chrome translation

When you run the Chrome browser, you can see the three dot icons on the right. If you click here, various functions will come out, so you can go into the settings here.

Chrome translation

If you go into the setting, you can see various functions, so you can go down to the bottom and enter the advanced level. If you go to Advanced, you can see the language at the first time and click the arrow icon on the right to open the options.

Chrome translation

When you see the language options, you can also add the language you want to use by clicking Add a language immediately below. The next most important thing is to enable “Provide translation options for pages in this language” at the bottom.

Chrome translation

When you enable the translation option, if you connect to a site in the added language, you will see the translation option icon at the right end of the address bar. If you have a translation option icon, you can cancel the translation or have the selected language automatically translated.

You can also choose not to translate the site. For those who frequently access overseas sites, you can view the translated documents comfortably if you activate the function.

2. Mobile Chrome Translation

Chrome translation

You can also use the Chrome translation function on your mobile, open the Chrome browser, press the icon in the top right of the three dots, and then enter the settings.

Chrome translation

Once you enter Setup, you will be able to see the language, and once you enter, you will be able to see the Chrome translation settings, such as the PC version described above. Once you have added a language to translate and enabled the option to translate, documents in that language will be provided with translation.

The reason why I use Chrome browser is because I often use YouTube, so I use it for optimization, but I can translate documents from various languages. If you are still using Explorer, why don’t you try Chrome browser with translation function?

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