Set up who wants to see Facebook first and view posts first.

When you use Facebook, you sometimes miss your close friend’s posts because all your friends’ posts appear on the news feed. So if you set up a person to see Facebook first, you can see it first. There’s nothing to miss. Many people don’t know about this feature.

There are two ways to set up a person to see Facebook first, but there are two ways to set up the news feed preferences, and you can go into a friend page and set it up yourself. It’s easy to set it up, so please look at the explanation below and try it.

1. Set who wants to see Facebook first

see Facebook first

When you enter Facebook, you can see the ▼ icon in the upper right corner, and when you click, you can see a list of settings, and you can enter News Feed Preferences here.

see Facebook first

Once you enter the news feed preferences, you will get a setup window with the phrase “Feel free to set up your news feed,” where you can click <Choose Who to View First> to enter.

see Facebook first

If you click “Choose who to view first,” you’ll see a list of your friends, where click to create a star icon, and when you click “Complete,” you’ll see a new post at the top of your news feed. But it doesn’t always come out at the top, so the probability is higher.

2. Settings on page

see Facebook first

You can also set up a personal profile or page to view first, but when you click Follow Top, you can set it to view first in My News Feed. You can also set up receiving notifications when highlighted posts are posted.

3. Make posts invisible

see Facebook first

I’ve noticed that you set up a news feed to watch first, but there are probably some posts you don’t want to see. In this case, if you choose to unfollow people and groups in your newsfeed settings, hide posts, select and click Done, the post will become invisible.

see Facebook first

If you don’t want to see it individually, you can cancel it by clicking the follow button after accessing the personal profile and page.

Facebook’s first person to view is to increase the probability of appearing on news feeds, and close people can quickly see the updated posts when set up, so you can set them up. And if you keep posting things you don’t want to see, you can’t see them anymore if you cancel the follow.

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