How to set usage time YouTube Facebook notifications

” How to view YouTube and Facebook usage time “

In the case of YouTube Facebook, it is probably the most used platform in the world. As a result, people who want to refrain from watching because they have a long time to watch will find out if there is a function that informs them of how long they use it.

Instead of using an external program, you can view your own viewing time and receive notifications when you set the time, so you can refrain from using it for a long time. SNS is trying to keep users staying for a long time, but I could feel consideration for users when I saw YouTube and Facebook add features to tell me the time of use.

The usage time notification above is not available in the PC version, but only the mobile version.

1. YouTube viewing time notification

usage time

If you run it on YouTube mobile, there is a profile picture on the top right, and if you touch it, the settings will come out and you can enter the viewing time.

usage time

When you enter the viewing time setting, you can set the notification frequency after you touch and activate the notification. If you use the set time, a window will come out and let you know, but if you press the close button, you can use it again.

You may want to stop using it, but if you need to check something important, you can’t see it when it locks, so I think it’s okay to just notify it.

2. Facebook usage time notification

usage time

Facebook can also receive time notifications, and when you run the app, there’s a 三 mark on the top right, and when you click on it, you’ll see the time statistics you’ve used, and when you see it at the bottom, there’s a daily time notification setting.

When you enter the Daily Time Alert setting, you can set the usage time, and when you use the set time, the notification window appears to let you know. If you use YouTube Facebook a lot, you can refrain from using it because it notifies you when you set the usage time.

I watch a lot of YouTube, but I don’t know how time flies, so I set the settings above and control myself. If you use YouTube or Facebook a lot like me, you will be able to reduce your usage because you can know the time of use if you set the settings above.

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