Chrome Extension to Download Tumblr Video

Tumblr is a popular SNS rather than in Korea, and it can be operated as a blog, so it is a place where a lot of information is uploaded. Since it’s an era when you move on from pictures to videos, Tumblr video are uploaded a lot, and there are probably videos you want to download.

The same goes for other platforms, but by default they don’t offer download capabilities, so you can download videos using Chrome extensions. If you use Chrome browser, you can use it as soon as you install it, and it’s simple to use.

1. Installing an extension program

Tumblr Video

When you enter the web store, there is a search window in the upper left corner called Flash Video Downloader, and there are several extensions that you can click on the description page and click the Add Chrome button to install them in a Chrome browser.

2. Download Tumblr Video

Tumblr Video

When you install the Flash Video Downloader extension program, an arrow icon is created in the upper right corner. When you click on the tumblr for the first time, nothing comes out. When you play the video, the color of the icon changes and clicks, as shown above.

The download is not slow, so you can download the video quickly by clicking on it. I’ve installed several extensions to download Tumblr videos, which are simple and functional.

3. How to do it without installing a program

Tumblr Video

If you have a conflict or trouble installing the extension, you can download it from a Chrome browser without installation, and you can click on the tumblr video to check it out.

Tumblr Video

When you click on “Check,” the developer tools will open on the right as shown above, where you can find the video by selecting Network and searching for MP4 in the search box below.

Tumblr Video

When you right-click a video that you’ve found in your search, you can see Open in new Tab, and when you click, a new tab opens to view that video.

Tumblr Video

When you open an MP4 file with a new tab in the Chrome Developer Tools, only the player comes out, where you can click the mouse to view the video under a different name, and when you click, you can save it to your own computer.

There are other ways to use the site, but it’s longer in order, so you can download the tumblr video using the Chrome extension program and developer tools we’ve introduced above.

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