Facebook Disclosure Settings – How to Limit Entire Public Posts

Most Facebook photos and writings will post their daily lives unless they are a company. Therefore, setting up a Facebook disclosure can prevent people who don’t want their information from seeing it.

Since it’s basically set to Full disclosure, you need to set the scope of disclosure in the settings. Let’s learn how to set the disclosure with three options: posting unit, posting in the future, and posting.

1. Facebook Disclosure Settings

Facebook Disclosure

When you create a post, you can view Facebook disclosure settings at the bottom, and when you click the icon next to your profile, you have the option to publish the post, which you can choose from Full Publicity, Friends Only, Friends To Exclude, or Specific Friends.

Facebook Disclosure

And what appears in Options is that you need to set them separately as Public and Excluded friends, but you can click View All under Options to enter Custom, so you can set both the Share and Exclude targets at the same time.

2. Setting up future posts

Facebook Disclosure

To do this, click the ▼ icon in the upper right corner of Facebook to view the settings. You can click and go in.

Facebook Disclosure

Who can see the scope of the disclosure in the left category if they enter the setting and who can see the future post at the top of the list if they click? You can see the phrase. If you click Fix here, you can set the public settings.

If it’s a post in the future, there may be people who don’t know what the setting is, but you can think of it as an open setting for the post you’re going to write in the future.

3. Setting up an existing post

Facebook Disclosure

Setting up existing posts can be difficult to do individually, but setting the target limit for previous posts on the timeline makes all past posts visible only to friends. So if you want to make sure no one can see it, or only certain friends can see it, you need to set it up individually.

In the case of past posts, it is recommended that you set them up because there are pictures from the past, so it is recommended that you set them up.

If you’re new to Facebook, it’s not set up. If you’re posting a lot of personal photos, please set it up as friends or if you’re writing multiple posts, please set it up to protect your personal information.

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