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“YouTube Creator Studio Clean Up New Features”

YouTube is a representative platform where many videos are uploaded not only in Korea but also around the world. After Google’s acquisition, it became connected to Google AdSense and technologically advanced, and it is currently the longest-running site for users in the mobile sector and the most popular site for young people by age.In addition to the basic video upload function, you can conveniently operate the channel with various functions from editing through YouTube Creator Studio, and a notice has been posted that <Update in early 2019>.

Compared to the first time I did YouTube, various editing functions have been added and additional work has been possible even after uploading. If you see the update in 2019, the design will change and various functions will be added, making it easier to operate YouTube channels.

Let’s see what features are added through the beta version. (Add new design, additional statistics, news and announcements, features)

1. New Design

YouTube Creator Studio

As I switched to the beta version of YouTube Creator Studio, the layout was changed to a wider design. News, customized ideas, channel analysis, and video analysis will appear on the first screen, and the menu on the left will be simpler than before, so even the first-time users can know what the functions are.

Overall, there were various menus in a narrow configuration, so if it felt complicated, the updated design reflected Google’s simple style, making it easier to see at a glance.

2. Additional Statistics

YouTube Creator Studio

It was difficult to grasp the statistics at a glance because it was complicated to see the statistics if they were previously analyzed. However, as the graph was changed to a bar, the increase and deceleration were better, and the statistics menu was compressed into overviews, viewer reach, audience interest, viewer base building, and revenue generation, making it easy for first-time YouTube users to understand.

If you look at the existing statistics, it was too complicated to understand, but the changed statistics made it easier to analyze channels as they changed more intuitively.

3. News and announcements

YouTube Creator Studio

It is really important to get various information in running a YouTube channel. In the past, access to help and YouTube news was really small, but in the new YouTube Creator Studio, you can see the news and help on the dashboard.

So the news and announcements have been changed at a glance. And if you select <New features> from the left menu, you’ll find the latest updates to your Creator tools and features (Continuously checking for the latest updates will help you run your channel). )

4. What’s New

YouTube Creator Studio

It may seem that many of the existing functions have disappeared, but when you enter the menu, you can find them and add new functions. It’s a function that the people who run the channel needed a lot, so I’ll summarize the contents of the help.

– Teespring Product Book Price: Videos can be linked to a product or crowdfunding site.

– Copyright Match Tool: Find out when your video is uploaded back to another Youtube channel.

– Real-time tab: Manage real-time streams in one place.

The Copyright Match Tool here allows you to know that other people upload popular videos without permission, so you can deal with them through reports. And the ability to connect products and funding sites has become more accessible to YouTube as a means to promote.

5. Editing Features

YouTube Creator Studio

The existing editor was difficult to edit because it was on a small screen, but the updated editor utilizes interfaces and shortcuts such as editing programs, making editing easier.

Since the interface reflects the editing program and allows you to edit the cut at any point while looking at the timeline, basic cut editing is expected to be possible only with YouTube editors. .

In the past, YouTube Creator Studio was a complex configuration, but the new Creator Studio has been changed to a simple interface that makes it easier for first-time users of YouTube channels to know.

In particular, since the editor can edit cuts easily without using the program, it is possible to edit quickly without the hassle of installing other programs, so people who run YouTube channels can upload and edit videos comfortably.

Currently, YouTube Creator Studio is doing beta testing, and you can use it right away when you click on the notice, or you can change it to an existing creator studio if you feel uncomfortable. If the beta test period is over and the update is made, the previous version will not be available, but it will be updated in early 2019 according to the plan.

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