Naver Adpost Application of Body Advertisements from the 27th

Naver Adpost announced that from March 27th, advertisements that have only been applicable to the bottom will be updated to cover the text. As Google AdSense can be applied to T-Story, WordPress, and Igloos, and YouTube’s strength accelerates the departure of content producers, Naver has prepared and applied various updates to Naver AdPost, which can be called producer revenue.

If you look at Naver’s announcement, you can see the strengthening of the video platform aimed at YouTube, and intellectuals are preparing to launch in Korea by applying blockchain in Japan.

Additionally, we are changing the adpost advertising updates for content creators, and we believe that they will continue to change.

“In 2019, Naver is considering various measures to provide infrastructure to produce and upload videos from all Naver services and to activate video production.” ”

1. Subscribe to Naver Adpost

Naver Adpost

Adposts can post advertisements after screening based on the number of visitors (UV), pageview (PV), and operating period (90 days) in a blog that has been certified (real name verification), and basic conditions are available for individuals aged 19 or older, private businesses, and commercial corporations. – Naver Adpost subscription site

As I applied for it myself, I was able to get approval without difficulty because I operated it to a certain extent, and I could see that the advertisement was posted as a setup in the manager.

And if you have some followers (subscribed) on Naver blog, it will be easier to open Naver TV. (Recently, Naver TV was supposed to have 300 followers, but we lowered the standard to 100. )

2. Application of Body Advertising

Naver Adpost

Previously, if the advertisement was in the form of text at the bottom, it will be possible to post the advertisement in the middle and bottom of the text as shown above from the 27th, and there will be three types of advertisements randomly. It is expected that profits will increase as attention increases in terms of image.

If the adpost is set to the standard, it will be applied automatically from March 27th, but it will not be applied to articles written as Smart Editor 2.0 and those written in scrap.

This is a disappointment for those who have blogged for a long time, but we didn’t find any news that it could be applied in the future.

Naver Adpost

Currently, if Naver adpost is applied, it will be exposed to the designated location, and it will be updated to set the location of the text advertisement. The location can be selected from the bottom / middle / top of the body. If you’ve ever done Google AdSense, you know how important the location is.

This feature will help you make a profit because the advertising location should vary depending on the style of writing.

Regarding the update of the text advertisement, Naver said, “I hope that by putting advertisements in the text, those who write good articles on blogs will be able to make more profits than before.”

Naver is conducting various updates to cope with YouTube and Google’s share, which it believes will further boost its blog, which is the core of Naver.

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