Recommend Windows App if Facebook Rack Occurs

“If a Facebook rack occurs in a browser, I recommend using Windows App.”

Facebook rarely has a rack when you use a smartphone, but sometimes a Facebook rack occurs when you use a browser. Because of this problem, I am also worried about upgrading my computer specifications, but after using Windows app, I use it without any inconvenience.

The free Facebook Windows app runs independently, rather than from a browser, making it easier to use Facebook with a faster and simpler interface. Let’s look at the installation method and its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Installation

Facebook Rack

If you search Facebook on the Microsoft Store site, you’ll find the Facebook Windows app you see above. If I press the free button here, would you like to open it with the Microsoft Store? There will be a pop-up window, so you can press Open to launch.

Facebook Rack

When the Microsoft store runs, the same screen comes out as before, and since I’m installed, it comes out as run, but if it’s not installed, it comes out free of charge, and if you click it, the installation proceeds.

You can search and install it right away from the Windows Store, but the reason I explained like this is because there are people who can’t find the store in Windows, so it can be run through the link.

2. Executed appearance

Facebook Rack

When you install and run the Facebook Windows app, Facebook, which appears to be the middle version of the mobile version and the PC as shown above, is launched. On the left are a variety of features that you can see in your browser, and on the right are your favorites and messages.

Shrinking or increasing the size automatically places features and allows you to add them to the taskbar or create shortcuts to run them.

3. Advantages

Facebook Rack

The advantage of Facebook’s Windows app is that it has no rack than a browser and loads faster when scrolling down. And when you reduce the size, the functions disappear or decrease, so it’s good to use the size you want.

Especially when using the messenger function, Facebook rack is severe in the browser, and there is a separate messenger app, so people who communicate a lot can use it faster and more conveniently.

4. Disadvantages

Facebook Rack

Most of the disadvantages were that if I looked at the reviews, the Facebook Windows app would keep turning off. If you look at the date, it’s old, so the latest version may not be like this, but there may be some people who don’t work well.

From what I’ve experienced, it looks fast when I access news feeds or personal profiles, but the pages or groups are not quickly displayed.

I recommend it to those who are having a hard time using it as a Facebook rack phenomenon in the browser, but it may be more convenient to use it if you are not.

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