Replace excel row with columns To use the Paste option

” Replace excel row with columns To use the Paste option “

If you use Excel, you might need to change it to a row, but sometimes you need to change it to a column. If you work again, it takes a lot of time, so you can find a function to change it at once, but if you use the Paste option to change the function to heat the Excel row, you can easily change it.

I’d like to explain this easily in that it’s hard to find and difficult to explain even though you can see it in the office help. Then I’ll make an example and explain it in order.

1. Change Excel row to heat?

excel row

For those of you who don’t know what it means, I made an image on top. You can think of changing the values of the cells made of rows to the right. It takes a lot of time to type and change it yourself, but you can do it easily with the paste option.

2. How to use the paste option

excel row

The way to turn rows into columns is to use the Paste option, so you can drag and select the cells you want to replace, and then click and copy them.

excel row

If you have copied cells to replace rows with columns, you can see that the Paste option is enabled when you right-click an empty cell, giving you several options. If you select Replace rows/columns shown above here, you will see the rows and columns replaced.

3. Selection and pasting method

excel row

As described above, you can see the selected paste when you copy the cell that you want to replace the row with a column and then right-click on the empty cell. You can click on this.

excel row

When you click Select and Paste, there is a row/column break at the bottom, and when you click it, the rows and columns will change. What’s different about this feature is that you can apply a variety of options at once, so you can add operations from excluding borders, changing column widths, formatting, and values.

I’ve introduced two ways to change the Excel row to heat. If you’re just changing the row and column, you can use the first method. If you want to choose additional options, you can choose the second method. I remember re-entering it when I didn’t know this function, so don’t make it as difficult as I do, but look at the above explanation and change the rows and columns quickly.

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