How to insert and attach Excel PDF file contents

There are times when you need to insert an Excel PDF file, and if you’re studying like me, you’ll find out what kind of menu you use. You can think of it as a way to copy and paste, but it’s a way to import and insert PDF files through objects from the Insert tab.

Inserting the contents of a PDF file can also be a way of communicating information, but if you have a lot of material, you’ll be able to deliver more information by attaching a PDF file. Let’s look at the image and see how to do two things.

1. Insert Excel PDF file contents

Excel PDF

If you’re using the full version of Acrobat Reader DC, copying and pasting would be a simple solution, but for those of you who don’t have it, an alternative would be to make an image and insert it.

However, if you paste it into an image, you can’t modify the document, so if you convert the PDF file to Excel on the ILove PDF site, you can insert the contents to modify it. If you enter the ILove PDF site, there are various tools, so you can click Convert to PDF Excel here.

Excel PDF

Once you enter the PDF Excel tool, you will find the Select PDF File button, and if you see it on the right, you will also be able to import the file from the Google Drive and Dropbox.

Excel PDF

Once you have uploaded a PDF file to convert, you can click Convert to EXCEL to complete the conversion and download the converted file in no time.

Excel PDF

When you import the converted file into Excel, the page is organized into a table below and you can click to modify it. But it’s not the same thing that you saw in the PDF, so you can see the letters that go out of the table.

However, you can easily insert PDF files into Excel and modify them, so if you don’t have the official version, please try using the above site.

2. Attach PDF Files

Excel PDF

To attach a file other than inserting PDF content, click the object in the text at the end on the right of the Insert Excel menu.

Excel PDF

Enter the object, click Create from File in the top menu, and click Browse to import the Excel PDF file. And if you check the mark with an icon in the bottom option, it will appear as a small icon.

Excel PDF

When an Excel PDF file icon is created, you can view the object formatting and modify the color, size, protection, properties, and alternate text by right-clicking it. If you look at the properties here, the object printing is checked, but the icon is also printed when printing, so you can uncheck it if you don’t want to.

I even found out how to insert the Excel PDF file and how to attach the file. If you want to add the contents of the PDF file to the Excel document, please choose one of the two methods above.

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