How to print according to the size of Excel A4

After working on Excel, you can also send it to the file, but you will print it out during meetings and reports. However, it would be nice to print according to the size of Excel A4, but there are times when the margin is large or one side is cut off.

When printing not only on Excel but also on various programs, it sometimes doesn’t print according to the paper, but most of the time it’s not properly set up, so if you don’t know how, you’ll have a hard time. I also printed out the working file to proceed with the meeting, but it didn’t work properly, so I remember looking into it for a long time.

For those of you who can’t print the Excel file properly, it’s a simple method, but I’ll explain it to you as easily as possible. If you don’t have an Excel program, please install an office extension program and try it.

1. Excel A4 printing settings

Excel A4

When working, it would be good to work according to the size of Excel A4 in the first place, but often not, so you can adjust it through the setting when printing. If you finish the work, press the file on the top left of the excel and the screen above will appear, so you can go into print from here.

I understand that the Print menu is located in different versions, but if it’s the latest version, you’ll find it in the above way.

Excel A4

When you click Print, the preview screen will appear and some options will appear on the left. The first thing you need to do here is to select the paper size, and you can choose A4 21cm x 29.7cm from the above marked place.

However, if you choose Excel A4 paper, but the work document is cut off or the margin is large on the preview screen, you can choose the option to introduce it next time.

Excel A4

If you select a paper and it doesn’t look right, if you choose Fit Sheet to one page of options below it, it will automatically fit on the paper and print correctly. This is the most common method because you can print existing jobs without having to modify them.

2. Page Break Preview

Excel A4

The method used in conjunction with the printing setup method is called Page Break Preview, and you can see the pages printed in the workspace and see them yourself, 1, 2, 3… Adjusting the page screen area.

If you use this method, you can share what you’ve worked on if you print multiple pages, so you can show what you’ve worked on on any page. It varies from version to version, but if it’s up-to-date, you’ll be able to see the page-sharing preview feature by clicking View in the top menu.

Excel A4

When you enable Page Break Preview, blue lines appear and page numbers can be viewed as shown on the screen above. If you set the page area by moving the blue line here, the area will be printed according to the size of Excel A4 because it will appear on one sheet.

I’ve found two ways to print for the size of Excel A4 and if you want to decide which area to print by dividing the pages, you can use the Page Break preview method, or if you want to print what’s already done.

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