Introduction to a site where you can extract YouTube subtitles

If you watch YouTube, you’ll see videos produced overseas. At this time, it doesn’t matter if you’re just watching, but there will be people who want to study the language or understand what it’s about after you extract YouTube subtitles.

Especially for celebrities, English subtitles are extracted and translated to add Korean subtitles. Also, my acquaintance sometimes studies English while translating English subtitles, but I told him that if he extracts all English subtitles, he can study more comfortably.

The method of extracting YouTube subtitles is convenient on the site, not installing a program or paying for it, so anyone can extract subtitles comfortably.

1. Copy the YouTube video address

YouTube subtitles

After entering the video to extract the YouTube subtitles, you need to copy the address marked with a red box at the top. Because we will extract subtitles based on this address.

2. YouTube Subtitle Extraction (Downsub)

YouTube subtitles

If you have copied the address of the video you want to extract subtitles from, go to the Downsub site, paste the video address you copied in the red box above, and click the Download button.

If I explain a little bit more on the site, you can see it in the image above, and you can download subtitles such as VIU, Viki, and Vlike as well as YouTube and support SRT, TXT, and VTT formats.

YouTube subtitles

If you enter the YouTube video address and click the Download button, a list of subtitles will appear as shown above after a short loading time.

The red box here is an additional subtitle, and you can download both SRT and TXT file formats. Then you can see the list below is auto-translated in the title, which may not be an exact caption because it did not add the automatic translation of what you hear on YouTube.

Automatic translation is something that can be set in YouTube video settings, and as you know, it cannot be translated accurately. That’s why you can download the subtitles you added directly, not the list at the bottom.

If you copy the video address and enter it on the site, you can download YouTube subtitles, so anyone can do it without difficulty.

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