How to delete all YouTube comments starting with individual deletion

I recently looked at the statistics and saw that more people use YouTube than Naver, the portal that uses the most. That’s how many people watch videos and upload videos, so you’ll leave a lot of YouTube comments.

But if you want to delete it after leaving comments, it’s really hard to find the video. And if you left a lot of comments, it’s even harder to find and delete all of them.

In the past, someone I know left a lot of comments on YouTube, but I thought it would be better to erase the comments when there was a problem with the video, so I deleted it while searching for the videos.

In my case, I knew the channel that left comments and I didn’t leave a lot of comments. I found it quickly, but if you left a lot of comments on YouTube videos, it would be hard to find it.

So I’ll look at the list of YouTube comments and find out how to delete them individually and if I have to delete them all at once.

1. Delete individual YouTube comments

YouTube comments

If you go into YouTube, you will be able to see the viewing records in the left category. If you can’t see it, you can see it if you press the shape on the top left.

YouTube comments

If you enter the viewing record, you’ll see a list of YouTube videos you’ve watched so far, and if you look on the right, you’ll see the comments. You can click on this. – Shortcut to comment history

YouTube comments

In the past, you used to click the three dot icon in the list to delete it, but now the list appears as shown above, and you can click the X mark to delete it.

And if you click on the details next to the time, you can see more detailed information, and you can delete it by tapping the three dot icons like the old way.

2. Delete all YouTube comments

YouTube comments

There are many YouTube comments, so if you want to delete them all, it takes a lot of time to delete them individually, so you can delete all the comments while keeping the YouTube channel private.

First, you can click on your profile on the top right of YouTube and go into Settings.

YouTube comments

Once you enter Settings, you can see various settings for your account, and you can enter the advanced settings at the bottom.

YouTube comments

If you enter the advanced settings, you can see the channel deletion at the bottom, and you can click this. Then the login screen will appear and you can verify it by entering your password.

YouTube comments

If you click Delete Channel, you can hide the contents and delete the contents completely. In the past, you could delete the comments in Hide Content, but it does not seem to be working now.

Since you have to delete the contents completely, if you run a YouTube channel, it’s inconvenient to delete the comments, but it’s better to delete them individually.

If you click Delete Content after checking “This will be deleted completely,” a pop-up will appear asking you to enter the channel name, and if you click Delete Content after entering it, all YouTube data will be deleted.

I’ve found two ways to delete YouTube comments, but even if it takes time, look at the list and delete them individually, and if you don’t operate the channel, please delete all the comments using Delete Content.

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