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There are times when you have to keep watching certain scenes while watching YouTube. Those who want to study English or learn dancing, especially on YouTube, need to repeat the YouTube section, but YouTube is not provided by default, so you can add the corresponding function by using Chrome extension program.

Unlike other programs, Chrome extensions are not difficult to install and use, so it’s easy for people who don’t know how to use the computer.

There are several programs to extend the YouTube section, and some of them can induce payment for a fee and make it difficult to use it. So, I would like to introduce you below that you can use it for free and the simple way to use it.

And if you can’t use the Chrome extension program, I’ll introduce you to a site where you can repeat the YouTube section.

1. Search Chrome Extensions

YouTube section

If you’re new to installing Chrome Extensions, you may not know where to search and install them, but if you search Google for <Chrome Web Store> you can access these sites and search for extensions where they’re marked in red boxes.

YouTube section

Once you find the program you want in the Chrome web store and enter the Description page, you can see the Add to Chrome button above. When clicked, automatically installs to Chrome and lets you see its extension icon in the upper right corner.

2. Looper For Youtube

YouTube section

If you search for the Loop for Youtube Chrome extension, you’ll see a description, and you’ll see a lot of users and a lot of horoscopes on the YouTube section of the recurring extension program.

YouTube section

If you install Chrome extension and watch YouTube videos, you can see the button LOOP at the bottom. If you click it, you will see an option at the bottom, which may seem difficult because it’s in English, but you can see that it’s easy to explain.

Loop for 10 times : Setting the number of interval iterations, which can be changed when a number is clicked.
Loop a portion to repetition : to set up a section directly to the slide can enter the time may be established.

If you set up the slide and select both or just one, the interval repeats will be applied immediately. The extension program is not difficult from installation to setup, so it is the best extension if you are going to use YouTube section iterations only.

3. Youtube section repeat site

YouTube section

If you can’t install a Chrome extension program to repeat the YouTube section, you can also do it through the site. If you log on to the Infinite Looper site shown above and enter the URL of the YouTube video in the middle, the search will begin.

YouTube section

If you enter a video URL to repeat the YouTube section, the video will appear as on the screen above and you can see the time slide at the bottom. If you adjust this, you can only see the interval repeatedly. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to watch other videos because the site is not in the YouTube environment.

We’ve found two ways to repeat the YouTube section. If you want to repeat the section, please choose the one that suits you and repeat the section comfortably.

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