A comfortable download program for Twitch TV videos

“Programs and Sites That Can Download Twitch TV Videos”

Twitch TV is the place where the most streamers are active in games among real-time broadcasting platforms. Because it is a platform that serves overseas, many people around the world are watching and broadcasting with YouTube.

So you can watch broadcasts and videos of not only domestic but also foreign streamers. If you miss the broadcast, you can watch the replay video. If you have a Twitch TV video that you like, you’ll want to download it.

Basically, there are people who are looking for it because there is no download function, but if you use the program and site below, you can download it comfortably. If you look at the description of how to use it, you can see that it’s not that difficult.

1. Installing a program

Twitch TV

It will be easy to search on Google. When you search <Twitch leecher>, you’ll find the site right at the top. But the search results may be different, so you can go to the site right away if you click here.

But the site speed is not that fast, so you’ll be able to wait for a while and open the page.

Twitch TV

When you enter the site, the top one is the latest program.  where x64 is for 64-bit computers and x86 is for 16-bit computers. If you don’t know your own computer beat, you can check your computer bit if you click the mouse click property on the computer on your desktop, so download what suits you.

2. How to use the program

Twitch TV

If you have downloaded the program, you can now enter the video you want to download and copy the video URL in the browser address window.

Twitch TV

If you copied the video URL, you can run the program, click Search at the top, click Urls, and paste the copied video URL. It’s not just one video, but even a few, so if you have a lot of videos like league games, you can type a few when you download them.

If you entered the video URL like this, you can press the Search button at the bottom.

Twitch TV

When the Search button is pressed, the loading mark is displayed, and when it is finished, the thumbnail list is displayed as shown above. If you look here, there’s a Download button at the bottom and you can click this.

Twitch TV

When you press the Download button, you can select the quality, location to save, and file name, and when you press the Download button at the bottom, you can save Twitch TV videos to your computer at the end of the entire process.

If you look at the explanation, you may find it difficult, but if you try it yourself, the program itself is not difficult, so you will be able to do it quickly.

3. How to use the site

Twitch TV

If you are having difficulty or uncomfortable using the program, you can download Twitch TV videos comfortably by using the website. There are many different sites, but what I use is called the Unswitch, which is simple to use.

When you enter the site, you can see the above screen, and you can put the video address in the empty space and press the SUBMIT button on the right.

Twitch TV

When you click the SUBMIT button, you will get the download option, where you can select the resolution at the top and download only the default 1 hour, so you can enter the start and the last time below to download.

If you want to download a 3-hour video, you can download the video in the form of Start 1, Last 360 and 1 hour, Second, Start 360 and Last 719.

It can be complicated if you try to enter figures, but there is a slide below, so you can adjust it and download it more comfortably. If you press the Download Video button, you may be worried about going to another page and entering the video address again, but you will stay on that page by pressing the Download button.

So when you download more than an hour of video, you can continue to download it while entering the time. The download speed is not that fast, so please wait for a long video to download.

There is a reason why I introduced the above site, but among the sites that receive various Twitch TV videos, it often did not work properly. At first, I thought it was not possible to download it because it was secured, but it was available from the site above.

So I’m going to try several sites and introduce them to you because the above site worked properly.

There are many streamer videos on Twitch as well as various game competition videos, so if you haven’t been able to watch live or get caught in a rack watching Twitch TV, if you want to edit the video, please use the program and site above to download it comfortably.

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