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“Flash Video Downloader for Facebook Videos Download”

As we moved on from the photo to the era of video, we were able to upload the video on social media.  As if you’re aware of YouTube, you can upload it in terms of quality. There are people who want to download a variety of videos. Let’s find out how to download the most popular Facebook videos.

If you will use the site multiple video download must move to the site might be frustrating because we can download in the comfort of their Facebook, using <Chrome extensions>. Then I’ll find the program and find out how to install it and use it.

1. Search for extensions

Facebook videos

You used to be able to enter the Chrome Webstore from the Chrome browser menu, but now you have to go in after searching Google for <Webstore> as an update. When you enter, there is a search window in the upper left corner, where you can find the program by searching for Flash Flash video Downloader.

There are several extensions with similar names, where you need to download the ones marked above. The quick way to find is the star score and the number of downloads. After finding more than 20,000 downloads, you can install it by pressing the “Add to CHROME” button on the right.

2. How to use the extension after installation

Facebook videos

When you install the extension on Chrome, you can see the icon in the upper right tool window. You can easily find the shape with the arrow pointing down. Now that you have installed it, the icon above will turn blue when you access Facebook.

Facebook videos

When you click the Flash Video Downloader icon, you’ll see a list of the videos you can see on the current page, along with the writer, the capacity and download buttons. After checking here, you can save it to your own computer by pressing the Download button.

However, if you download it from the list like this, it can be difficult to find it because there are many video lists.

Facebook videos

The benefits of this extension include downloading from the full list of videos from the page and having buttons created in individual posts to receive videos.

Because of this, I also use it and recommend it. I’ve been looking for other good extensions, but so far, they’ve been recognized by the largest number of people, so if you’re interested in downloading Facebook videos, please try installing them.

3. Download via site

Facebook videos

The extension I introduced above requires a Chrome browser to be installed, which can be cumbersome for those with only other browsers installed. So I will also introduce how to download Facebook videos through the website.

If you use the site first, you need to know the address of the post, but if you click on the date of the video post, you’ll go to the page that only shows the post, so you can click the address window of your browser to copy it. If you copied it, you can go to the site below.

How to Copy Your Facebook Videos Address

· Click the date next to the profile of the post to go to the individual posting page. How to copy the address window of your browser here

· On the Facebook videos screen, click <Show Video URL> How to copy by clicking

Facebook videos

Once you enter the Yoodownload site, you’ll find an address entry window on the first screen, and if you enter it, you’ll go to the Facebook Videos Download page anyway, so it’s convenient to enter  Facebook Downloader  from the top menu.

Facebook videos

Facebook videos

When you enter the Facebook download page, there is an address entry window where you can enter the copied video address and press the Download button. The video thumbnail image and title will appear, and you can see the download button below to select the intermediate and HD quality. You can choose from these.

Facebook videos

If you select the rety, the loading screen will appear, and if you wait a little longer, the player screen will appear. You can download the video by clicking here and clicking Save Video As.

I’ve introduced you how to download it as an extension program and how to use the site. As you can see from the description, you can see that it is more convenient to use the Chrome extension program than the site.

Since copying and re-pasting addresses on Facebook is long and cumbersome, if you use a Chrome browser, I recommend you to use the Chrome extension.

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