A free program that compares duplicate images to find them

“Clean up with duplicate image comparison programs if there are many images”

If you’re blogging, there are probably people who think carefully about using the same image. And if you copy while moving pictures, it’s very difficult to find duplicate images because it’s a mess. If there’s a program where you can compare duplicate images, it’s very convenient, but there’s a program that you can use for free, so I’d like to introduce it to you.

This program does not compare individual images, but it compares all the images in the folder at once, so it’s very convenient to see which images are the same as the list. It’s not difficult to use the program, so you’ll be able to do it quickly if you look at the description below.

1. Download Program

duplicate images

When you enter the official site, you will see the screen above, and if you click Download in the left menu, you will see a program called Visipics in the middle. If you click this, you will be taken to the download page.

Sometimes the official site was suddenly closed, but you can also find it on the sites where you can download the software, so if you search on Google, you can download the program without difficulty.

duplicate images

When you go to the download page, you can see the blue text, <Download Visipics Windows Installer> at the top. By clicking on this, you can download the program and proceed with the installation.

But if you have an African TV program installed, you’ll see a window telling you to close it, and you can choose a phrase that says you don’t want to use a program that closes below. There is no major problem with the installation process, even if you choose.

2. How to use the program

duplicate images

When you install and run the program, it appears as shown on the screen above, where you select the Duplicate Image Comparison folder, and then click the arrow on the right to add it to the list.

duplicate images

If you have added a folder to compare duplicate images, you should now set it up, but you can see the gauge if you look directly below the Folder List. This represents <Duplicate Image Precision> and the higher the comparison, the more accurate it is.

You usually set it to Basic and compare duplicate images.  The reason is that if it is too precise, it can be said that even small parts are the same, so you can delete pictures that are not duplicates by mistake.

duplicate images

If you press Start Exam ( ) in the middle, it will be displayed on the left side if there is a duplicate image. Click to view a larger image and know the folder, file name, capacity, and working time, which helps you choose to delete.

If you want to delete one of the duplicate images, you can move it or delete it if you look to the right of the program instead of using Windows Explorer.

Comparison of redundant images can be cumbersome to click and select individually. So if you look at Tools on the right, if you click Auto Select, you can select only duplicate images.

3. How to find the same image on Google

duplicate images

If it’s a picture you took yourself, you’d be curious about how to find out if someone else is using it, and if it’s a picture you’ve obtained through a site, where the same image is being used.

To do this, you can type your search terms in Google, click the Images tab, and then look at the Search window to see the Camera icon. You can click on this.

※ Image retrieval is often used to find duplicate images, but it is often used as a function to find where and who are the people in the picture.

duplicate images

When you press the Image Search button (photo icon), a window appears, where you can search for the same image through the image URL, image upload, or search for a place or person (you can drag the image file to the window to search for the image). )

duplicate images

Sometimes when you search for images, you can find pictures that you are curious about where they are and where they are. In this case, there is a way to save the image file and search the image, but it is cumbersome, so if you press the image for two seconds in Google Image Search results, you will be prompted to drag it on top. If you move here, you can search for the image.

The free program you look for by comparing duplicate images is a useful program for organizing blogs, sites, and photos, and is free to use. And for those who run blogs, there is a burden of overlapping images, so it will be more useful.

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