Two programs that can make YouTube GIF

When you do YouTube, there are scenes that you like, so you want to make GIF so-called GIFs. Think of GIF as an image that moves over and over again for a few seconds, not a video. There are two ways to make YouTube the most captured and made by YouTube: the YouTube GIF Chrome Extension Program and the other programs you can use besides YouTube.

Each has its own advantages, and the Chrome extension program creates a button on YouTube, so you can make a GIF right away while watching it, and the external program can make not only YouTube, but also play from the background to the bear player. I have installed two YouTube GIF programs and use them according to the situation.

1. YouTube GIF Chrome Extensions

YouTube GIF

You can install the Chrome extension on the web store, but if you search it on the portal, you can find it easily. When you enter the web store, there is a search window in the upper left corner, and if you search for GGIFit, you will see an extension program, and then you will install it when you press the Add CHROME button.

YouTube GIF

If you install an extension program and enter YouTube, you can see a feature called GIFit! in the lower right corner. When you click on this, the setup window appears, where you can set the start time, end time, size, and quality to create a YouTube GIF.

GIF is an image, so you need to make the capacity smaller. To do that, you need to make the time shorter by 1 to 3 seconds and the size smaller to upload the image, and it’s easy for visitors to see it. With a lot of capacity, it can be faster on PCs, but visitors don’t like it because it’s slow on mobile and it uses a lot of data.

The YouTube GIF extension program is convenient because you can capture it right after watching YouTube without running an external program, but you can’t set up a specific part of the program, so you can install the program below.

2. Installing and using the Gifcam program

YouTube GIF

Gifcam, which is simple to use as an external program, is free to search on the portal, so various sites are available. It says that only Windows 7 works in the OS here, but as a result, it works in Windows 10.

Gifcam is a good program for people who are not familiar with image editing software and require few notes. However, there are problems with compatibility or problems because updates are not being made.

YouTube GIF

If you run the program after installing it, the window above will appear. The window can be stretched or shortened and the size is displayed at the top. And on the right, it’s divided into recording, frame, modification, and storage, and you can click and see that there are many functions.

Let’s look at each and every function.

YouTube GIF

Next to REC is ▼, there are new tasks, recall, recording frame settings, full size, cursor exposure, and direct settings. This is the most important new job, because after capture, it overlaps when you capture it again without pressing New.

This is a mistake that I make a lot of times, so please click New when you take a new capture.

YouTube GIF

There’s a frame under Record, and you can think of it as a capture every time you click on it. It is used to make something that seems to break off by capturing every frame in the image.

YouTube GIF

EDIT is listed as a frame when you click on a capture that can be modified. If you click here, you can delete the current frame, insert letters, or crop them. It is useful because it is possible without a graphic program.

YouTube GIF

Finally, Save offers a wide range of storage options and can also be saved as an AVI video file. Depending on how much color you use, the capacity will be reduced, so if you have too much capacity, choose 256 colors above.

If you want to make a YouTube GIF for girl groups or cute animals, please use the above two programs to make it comfortable.

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