YouTube add-on screen capture and segment repeat extension program

When you use YouTube, you may want to set automatic high-definition settings or do things that are not in YouTube functions such as image capture. Because it’s inconvenient to install and use programs for each function, you can solve them all at once using the YouTube Add-on Chrome Extension Magic Actions for YouTube.

The YouTube add-on extension program is not a single function but a collection of various functions, but it can be useful if you install it because there are features that can be useful when using YouTube. And there is an advantage that you can use it right away without having to call in an extension program because a button is created on YouTube.

1. YouTube Add-on Extension Program

YouTube add-on

You must search and install the Chrome extension program on the Web Store. Once you enter the web store, there is a search window in the upper left corner, and if you search Magic Actions for YouTube, you can find it as shown above. If you press the Add to Chrome button here, the extension will be installed in Chrome.

YouTube add-on

When you install the Magic Actions for YouTube extension, you will see a button for features at the bottom of the YouTube playback screen. This can be added or deleted through settings. Let’s see what features they have.

2. Describe the functionality of the extension

YouTube add-on

To set up the YouTube add-on first, press the cog-shaped button or press the extension icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser to get the setup window.

YouTube add-on

If you look at the list of settings, you will try to use the browser’s translation function because it will appear in English, but the translation function will not work. So please look at the description below and set the functions to be used.

– Instant control over volume: If you scroll through the YouTube playback screen, the sound will grow or decrease.

– Auto HD: You can choose the quality of your YouTube video by automatically changing it to high definition.

– Multi-Range Looper : The ability to repeat a specified interval allows you to specify the interval with a mouse click on the YouTube playback bar (timeline) and release it when you click it again.

– Auto Wide: The screen automatically changes to wide whenever you watch a YouTube video.

– Cinema and Expand: Click 1 to view it as you can see in the movie theater (additional settings are available).

– Stop Autoplay : Automatically stop playback

– Speed Booster : This feature allows you to view videos quickly and automatically allows you to watch → on YouTube.

– Comments Features: The ability to see your profile picture and comments in a larger way (additional settings are possible)

– Don’t Show Video Annotations: Avoid annotating images.

– Video Filters: You can apply filters to images.

– Hide Page Elements : You can hide headers, comments, and related videos. (Additional settings available)

– Advanced Features: The ability to switch YouTube to night mode

By default, there are image capture and statistics at the bottom. Using all the features of the extension program can be more complicated and inconvenient, but you can use YouTube more conveniently if you only use the features you need. If you use YouTube a lot, please install a YouTube add-on extension program to use various functions.

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