How Windows Explorer Tab Features & Favorites are available

“Use the Windows Explorer tab feature to work in one window” 

If you’re using Windows Explorer, you’ll find folders in many cases in order or through search. But if you’re using a folder that you’re using frequently, I think it’s really convenient if you have a favorite feature, but Windows doesn’t offer it, so you can use it when you install the Windows Explorer tab feature program.

In addition to the favorite features, when you open multiple folders, you need to run several Windows Explorers, but the tab feature allows you to open multiple folders in one place.

You can think of it as a paid program, but it’s not difficult to set it up because it’s applied to Windows Explorer as soon as it’s installed with a free installation. You can delete the program if you don’t want to use it. Then we’ll look at the installation process and how to use it.

1. How to Install

Windows Explorer

If you search on Google, you can find a site called But if you look at it, it looks like it’s in Chinese, not English, but there might be people who are nervous about this part. It’s a program that many people use, so you don’t have to worry.

However, there may be people who are worried, so if netizens check it with the WTO Netizens’ rating expansion program that identifies malicious sites, it will come out safe and the rating will be high at 4.7 so you can use it with confidence.

Windows Explorer

When you enter the Windows Explorer tab functional program site, you can view the description on the first screen and the <Free Download> button. If you click, you can download the installation file and proceed with the installation by running it.

You may not know what to click because it does not come out in English during the execution process, but if you press the button in the middle, it will be installed.

2. Favorite Features

Windows Explorer

When you complete the installation, as shown above, there will be space on the top of the Windows Explorer, where the bookmark is aligned. If you’re in a folder that you’d like to find on your computer, right-click in an empty space and click Add Bookmarks to add it to your favorites at the top.

It’s very convenient because you can move folders right away by adding favorites as you do in a browser.

However, if you have a lot of favorites, you can create an Add category and organize it by folder because there is not enough space. This feature is very convenient because you can collect and manage the same classification in a single folder as you can see in your browser.

3. Open as a New Tab

Windows Explorer

There are probably people who use the shortcut window key + E when opening Windows Explorer. A few clicks will open multiple windows, and if you have installed the program above, it will open as a new tab in one window as shown above. The + button at the top will also open as a new tab.

The convenience of Windows Explorer tabs is that you can find them quickly by opening multiple folders, making it uncomfortable to have a lot of numbers on the taskbar, and by tabbing to find the folder window you want.

When I was working on graphics, I often opened several windows in Windows Explorer because I import images from various folders, but I found the folder I wanted by clicking one on the taskbar.

It was really uncomfortable to do this, because you can install the Windows Explorer tab feature program and view all the folders in one window, so the taskbar list is reduced and you can move it from one place.

4. Export shortcuts and bookmarks

Windows Explorer

In the case of Chrome, if you link it with your Google ID, you can find it on other computers, so it’s very convenient to use it, but if you use Explorer, you’ll use it on other computers. You can back up your favorite programs like Explorer.

It’s convenient to set up the favorite things you saved when you format or do it.

There are convenient shortcuts to work with, and you can see a variety of shortcuts by clicking Shortcutkeys in the top menu. And if you feel uncomfortable because it’s in English, you can use the program comfortably if you choose Korean in Language.

At first, if it was a good program, if I installed it once and used it, it would be very inconvenient without it. If you are a big user of Windows Explorer, please install the program above and try the Windows Explorer tab feature.

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