Windows 10 Sticky Notes App Update New Features

” Windows 10 Sticky Notes App Update New Features “

Windows 10 sticky app is used a lot when you suddenly need to take notes while you are on the computer. There are a variety of Windows 10 Sticky apps, but the most popular one is Windows 10 Sticky Notes, which was used well in Windows 7, but was optimized for Windows 10 with new features as the update progressed. So, you can see a complaint that people who use a lower version of Windows suddenly can’t do it.

The reason for this complaint was that I experienced it because I couldn’t keep my notes in the past, so if it suddenly doesn’t work, I lose my notes. But when it is updated this time, you can back it up through synchronization. So I don’t think I’ll ever lose my notes anymore.

Also, various editor functions were added, making it easier to take notes. Let’s see what features have been added.

[ Updates ]

1. Sync & Backup to preserve sticky history

2. Full list of sticky and searchable

3. Add new writing functions (underline, bullet, slope, bold)

The above update was written by myself, and it is difficult to translate the update, so I only organized the important parts. In addition, the icon of the sticky app has changed, and there is a way to use Kotana in Windows 10, but Cortana is not supported in Korean, so it is not added to the content in that it is difficult to use in Korea.

※ Cortana: Perform various tasks based on voice recognition with artificial intelligence personal assistant software available in Windows 10. Currently, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese versions are supported, and Korean is not currently supported.

1. Add writing function

Windows 10 Sticky

Before the update, it was difficult to organize notes because there were only basic writing functions, but this update adds a variety of writing features, allowing you to make highly readable notes. The most useful feature I’ve used in my use is the first one in the image I made as an example on top of the bullet (the number was not bad, but the bullet was better when it’s readability). )

Also, the underline and bold features can emphasize specific words or phrases, which can be useful for long notes. In addition, the slope function, which is commonly used in reference phrases, is also added. It’s a simple way to use it, but when you click on the Windows 10 sticky, the functions come out at the bottom, and you can choose what you want from there.

2. Full list and backup

Windows 10 Sticky

If you used a lot of Windows 10 sticky, it can be hard to find what you want. So the full list function is added so that you can find the sticky you want through the search. The full list can be found in all notes when you click the three dot icon in the upper right corner of the sticky.

And if you delete it by mistake, you can create a sticky again because it remains on the list. To delete completely, click the sticky in the list and click the trash icon (delete notes). You can choose several colors for the Windows 10 sticky as shown above.

※ If you proceed with the update, you will be prompted to log in. I can log in with two things, Google and Microsoft, but I couldn’t find out where they were stored. When I log in, it becomes synchronized and seems to be recorded in every memo. (I thought the place where it was stored was Google Drive, but I couldn’t find it. )

3. System Requirements

Windows 10 Sticky

It was also available in Windows 7, but after the update, the system requirements changed to be available only in Windows 10 14393.0 and later. This may cause Windows 10 to be used, but because Windows 7 is no longer being updated, recently apps have shown that system requirements are changing to Windows 10.

There are various Windows 10 sticky apps, but I have adapted to them since I started using them since Windows 7, and they are simple and good in terms of functionality, so I am still using them. Everyone I know is using it, but I don’t know if the update was wrong, but I was embarrassed because the memo disappeared.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore because the backup function has been created by the update. If you’re looking for the Windows 10 Sticky App, try using <Sticky Notes> which you use the most.

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