Chrome Extensions Make Site Image Download Easy

There is an image that you want to download when you visit the site, but you can’t save it if you can’t save it under a different name even if you click the mouse. You can do it through saving the screen, but if it looks small, you might want to download the original file. So if you use the Chrome browser extension among the various programs that you can download site images, you can search and download them comfortably.

Chrome browsers are representative of the growing number of users because there are many useful extensions. Security is better than Explorer, so the gap between users is narrowing even in Korea, where there are overwhelming numbers of Explorer users.

I am also using it because it is such a stable browser, and I will introduce various extensions that I use in the future.

1. Site Image Download Program

Site Image

Chrome extensions can be found by searching as <Chrome Web Store> in the Google Search window, rather than downloading them from within the browser. You used to be able to enter the setup window, but you have to go directly to the site as the function disappeared.

When you go to the site, you can see the search window in the upper left corner, and if you search here <image downloader>, you can see the Chrome extension program created by provider viad sabev at the top. If you press the Add to Chrome button here, it will be installed in the Chrome browser.

2. How to use Image Downloader

Site Image

Image downloader When you install the Chrome extension, an icon is created in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. The appearance is a white arrow with a blue background, and when you click on the site you’re downloading, you’ll see a preview image with the URL of all the images that appear on the current page.

Then there are two buttons: the → icon opens the image with a new window and the ↓ icon downloads.

The biggest advantage of this program is that you can download individually, but you can download all the images on the page you are viewing. You can download all images by pressing the Select All button to select all images, or by pressing the Download button at the top to download them.

Site Image

If you click on the extension icon, you can see the options, where you can set up display features that are convenient to use. If it comes out in English, there is a translation into Korean if you click on the Chrome browser screen.

If you click it, it will be a complete translation, so there will be no inconvenience in setting options.

3. Fatkun images Downloader 

Site Image

The program introduced above is good, but the Fatkun images Downloader extension is also used by many people. If you search for this program in the Chrome Web Store Search window, you can find the normal version and the professional version.

When you click the Add to Chrome button to install, an extension icon is created in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.

4. Fatkun images Downloader

When you install the extension, an icon is created at the top, which is an icon with a yellow arrow above the picture. When you click on this, all tabs, this tab button, all of which download all images from the site of the tabs that are open, and this tab is the button to download images from the site you see.

But if there are too many images on the site, downloading can be slow and disconnected in the middle. So please select an appropriate image.

Site Image

If there is an image in the list of images that you do not want to download, it will be disabled when you click. Then press the Save Image button at the top to download all images.

This extension is characterized by downloading the entire image, so it’s a chrome extension that might be more inconvenient to download one by one.

I introduced you to two site image download chrome extensions above, and the image downloader we introduced is good for downloading site images one by one, and the Fatkun images downloader is good for downloading all images, so you can choose how to download many images and install the extension installation.

If you want to download all the images from Google Image Search, it’s hard to do it one by one, but if you use the Chrome extension above, you can download the site image very easily.

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