Extensions to view ratings in search site results

“Programs that detect and alert the search site to dangerous things.”

If you are curious about something or want to see the news, you will use the search site. But you may be wondering if this is a safe place because so many sites appear in the search results. Some vaccine programs warn you if you have malicious code when you enter them, but some of you might be looking for a program because it’s better to know before you go on the site.

I found a chrome extension program because it’s easy to detect malicious sites using the Avest vaccine program, but it’s still disturbing. This program works on Chrome, which warns netizens of danger with ratings when they access bad sites.

I don’t know all the sites, but if it’s a foreign site, it works well, so it’s useful when searching.

Let me introduce you to Microsoft’s Phishing Defense Extensions Program, which allows netizens to warn you of the dangers of sites without entering information, which is a disadvantage of the Chrome Extension program you want to introduce. If you install it together, you will be able to protect your computer from dangerous sites.

1. Microsoft Phishing Defense Program

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This extension is a security program for Microsoft Edge browsers, and it is said that Chrome is the world’s most popular browser. Microsoft’s Windows is very concerned about security, and if security is compromised using a Chrome browser, it’s not because of the browser, but because it’s because of the problem with Windows security.

If you look at Microsoft’s description and see statistics that protect against malicious websites, Mozilla Firefox 70%, Chrome 80%, and Edge 99%, it’s extremely secure. That’s why you can use this high-security phishing defense program on the edge in Chrome to increase your security when you visit the search site.

Protects you from dangers such as phishing emails and links to sites that lead you to download and install malicious software that could damage your computer. When you connect to a malicious site, Windows Defender browser protection displays a red warning screen that the site you are trying to visit is at risk.

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When you install the Chrome extension, an icon is created in the upper right corner, which looks like a blue shield icon in your browser. If you click, a window will appear, but it is a simple program to use only if you choose to use On & Off.

As a result of using it, the vaccine program is sometimes missed by a warning window in the lower right corner, which is safer because the red warning screen appears when you enter the site, so you don’t miss it and you don’t go into the site.

2. Netizens’ chrome expansion program

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You can search as WOT on a Web store, but it’s easier to find if you search as Web of Trust. It is a popular Chrome extension program used by many people around the world, with 1,176,138 users.

The number of users is important because the way you rate the sites you visit is because the more users, the more sites have rating information.

Web of Trust: A website reliability assessment tool that allows you to accurately determine whether you trust a website when you search, shop, or browse. You can avoid online threats that can be seen in real life, such as fraud, unreliable links, and bad websites.

The WOT extension features a reputation next to the search results, indicating a warning that green is good, red is bad, and yellow requires attention. These alerts appear on search sites, as well as on email, social networks, and more.

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When you install the WOT Chrome extension and view the search site results, an icon is created next to the site. As I explained above, safe sites will appear in green, dangerous sites in red, and unknown places in gray.

If you hover or click on an icon, you can see the ratings of netizens and see if the site is safe before entering (the program calls the icon a traffic light). )

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The extension program is not only available on PCs, but also on mobile, so it will be useful for those who use the search site a lot. Since foreign netizens have a large proportion, domestic sites have limited ratings, but it would be helpful for those who search a lot on Google to find a safe search site.

The Search Site Phishing Defense Extension above may cause inconvenience in not entering the site, but if you install the WTO, which can block dangerous elements such as malicious code, and know the sites that netizens warn you about, you will protect your computer from danger.

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