Free programs to adjust monitor screen brightness

“Two Easy Ways to Adjust Monitor Screen Brightness”

It is recommended to adjust the brightness of the monitor screen because brightness builds up the fatigue of the eyes. However, if you try to adjust to a function on the monitor itself, you may need to press the button several times, and if the monitor is old, it may not work properly.

So I would like to introduce you to how to adjust the settings of the graphics card and how to adjust the brightness of the monitor comfortably with several programs. It’s not that difficult to use, so anyone can do it easily.

1. Graphics Card Settings

monitor screen

If you are using a desktop PC, you must adjust the brightness in the Graphics Card Control Panel because there is no brightness adjustment in Windows 10 display settings. When you click on the desktop, you can view the graphical card control panel menu that you use.

monitor screen

If you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, you will see the control panel shown above. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma when you enter the desktop color setting here. It depends on your graphics card, but if you have installed the drive, you can adjust it in Control Panel.

2. Free Monitor Manager

monitor screen

Free Monitor Manager is the simplest and most comfortable download program to adjust monitor brightness. When you install and run the screen, you can adjust the brightness if you adjust Brigtness here.

And you can adjust Red, Green, and Blue, so you can adjust it if the color doesn’t come out properly.

3. Gamma Panel

monitor screen

Gamma Panel is a free program that can adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma settings in real time, and is easy to use because it is simple to use. When you enter the site, you can see the Download Locations button on the right with a description, which you can download to your computer in about five seconds.

monitor screen

It’s a simple program because you can run it as soon as you unzip it without installing it. If you run it, it will come out like the screen above, and if you adjust Brightness, you can adjust the brightness of the monitor screen.

4. f.lux 

monitor screen

f.lux does not end up adjusting the brightness of the monitor screen, but it has the ability to adjust the brightness in time. It can be downloaded from Naver software and automatically adjusts the brightness according to the time when it is installed. A lot of people use this program to protect their eyes because it’s supposed to remove blue lights.

There are many programs that can control the brightness of the monitor screen, but I selected and introduced one that works well when downloaded directly. If your eyes are tired because of the brightness of the monitor, please install it.

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