Article Scrap Extensions Google Interlink Google Keep

“Article Scrap Extensions Google Interlink Google Keep”

When you’re searching and there are articles or posts you’d like to see again later, you usually do notepad or bookmark them, which is cumbersome and difficult to find later. So when you use the article scrap extension, you can save it with a single click and add notes so you can find it later.

Some of the most popular extensions are EverNote, Clip to One Note and Google Keep, which we’re going to introduce to you now.

Google Keep can be used not only on PCs but also on mobile phones, and because it is linked to Google, you can see notes and scrap contents on PCs on mobile. And I can send what I wrote on Google Keep to my friend, so it’s good for the company to use for business purposes.

1. Installation method

Google Keep

The place where you download the Chrome extension is called the Google Web Store, and you’ll find it as soon as you search it on the search engine. If you go into the web store and search the search box as Google Keep, you can find the extension, and when you click Add to Chrome, the installation proceeds.

When you complete the installation, an icon is created in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser and you can clip articles when clicked.

[ Features ]

– Save page links, text and images

– To make notes on stored content

– Add label to memo

– Automatically save to Google Keep

2. How to use the extension

Google Keep

When you install Google Keep, a yellow light bulb icon is added to the top right of the Chrome browser, and when you click on the site where you want to clip the article, you can enter a title and description, and enter a label that can be listed.

Google Keep

To see if you’ve clipped, you can go directly into Google Keep or right-click on the extension icon to enter a feature called Go to Keep. If you enter the article scrap extension Google Kip, it’s organized in order, but if you look at the place shown above, you’ll see five features. Let’s organize the functions below.

– Bell icon : Notify me at a specified time of note or scrap.

– People icon: Send notes or scrap to collaborators

– Pallet icon: Add color to background of note

– Picture icon : Add image

– Journal icon: Move memo to storage box

3. How to Use Labels

Google Keep

If there are more memos or scraps, it’s easy to find them by topic, but if you add a label, you can organize them by category. To add a label, click Modify Label on the left, and you can add it here.  If you made a label, enter the corresponding label when you write a memo or scrap.

The difference between Evernote and Evernote is that Google Kip can be modified because it can be clipped by links and Evernote can be clipped as it is. However, even though Evernote has limitations in capacity, it is burdensome to pay if it exceeds the limit, Google Keep is provided free of charge by Google, so you can use it without any burden free of charge.

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