Programs that can view computer system status in real time

“Manage resources by viewing computer system usage in real time.”

Sometimes you want to see how much memory and CPU you’re using when you slow down while using your computer. The basic way to do this is by opening Task Manager to check. I would like to introduce you to a program that is more convenient than this method and can be checked in real time.

Because you can see the status of your computer system in real time on the screen, it is more convenient than the Task Manager, which can be viewed with a few clicks.

The introductory program can view process usage, hardware information in use, and operating system information, rather than simple information, so you can view more information than traditional Task Manager.

And it is also an advantage to be able to use the program without any burden in that program is free. Then, let’s learn how to install and use real-time programs for computer systems program to using it.

1. How to Install a Program

computer system

When you enter the Wise Cleaner site, there is a menu at the top. Click Products to see a list of different programs.

This site also distributes programs for free along with a fee, among which iseWise System Monitor 수 can view the computer system status in time.

computer system

When you enter the Wise System Monitor description page, you can see what kind of program it is, or when you press the Free Download button, you can download the program for free. The installation will proceed by double-clicking on the downloaded file.

The program is compatible from Windows XP to 7/8/10 and will be available on your Windows operating system.

2. How to use Wise System Monitor

computer system

When you complete the program installation, the program runs like this, which looks like a Task Manager and divides process monitors, hardware monitors, and operating system categories.

The process monitor shows CPU and memory usage along with a list of programs currently running, which can also be categorized at the bottom into system processes and network processes.

And if the program stops or uses too much system resources, you can end the process by pressing the ▼ button next to the user.

computer system

Traditionally, if you went into the Control Panel and looked at your hardware information, you’d see the Wise System Monitor hardware monitor for processors, mainboards, memory, graphics cards, hard drives, and more.

If you’ve checked the hardware information from the control panel, you’ll know how convenient this is.

computer system

The benefits of the Wise System Monitor program, real-time computer system status, are bar-shaped, where you can view memory, upload speed, download speed, CPU usage, and temperature in real time. And if you click on each type, the information will appear with the list as shown above.

And the bar changes to a small bar, not a continuous visible one, and when you put your mouse over it, it comes back to what it looks like, so it doesn’t interfere with the screen.

It’s a free program and it’s constantly updated, so if you’re a frequent user of Task Manager, please try it as it’s a useful program.

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