Creating and modifying documents in a Chrome Office browser

If you receive MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note files via e-mail, you can’t open or modify them without an office program, so if you install the Chrome Office extension, you can see it right away or even modify it.

In my case, if I receive a document file from a place other than my computer, I installed the file viewer, and after I know the Chrome Office, it is very useful because it is quick to install and can be modified.

The exact name of the Chrome Office is Office, which allows you to create documents and import files from the Chrome browser to modify them. And because it works with OneDrive, you can save and retrieve files. It’s provided by Microsoft, an MS Office production company, and it’s used by more than 3 million people.

1. How to install Chrome Office

Chrome Office

Chrome extensions can be found by searching the Web store as Office Online, and when you press the Add to Chrome button, they are installed in Chrome and an icon is created in the upper right corner.

If you look at the Microsoft description, it says, “It’s a free extension of Edge and Chrome that gives you easy access to documents from anywhere on the Office app and the Web. Quickly access and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office documents directly from an Edge or Chrome browser without having to open the desktop app. It says “.

Chrome Office

When you complete the installation of the extension, a Microsoft icon is created in the upper right corner of Chrome, which prompts you to log in when you click. You can log in to your Microsoft account and your work or school account, and when you finish logging in, you can see a list of office programs and the Open button.

2. How to use Office Online

Chrome Office

To import a document file from Chrome Office (Office Online), you can click the Upload and Open button to import it, or drag and drop it in a window marked with a red box above in Windows Explorer, and the file opens as the app runs.

Chrome Office

In addition to viewing document files, you can also create new ones. If you look at the MS word above, you can see that it has an interface that is too easy to write and most of the features. And because the files you’ve worked on are stored on OneDrive, it’s easy to import them from other computers.

Office Online is a useful extension to create and retrieve popular MS words, Excel, PowerPoint, Mail, and One Note from a browser without installing a program.

I have an office program, but I don’t even use it after installing Chrome Office. If you have a lot of documentation, please try installing the extension.

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