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“Chrome Browser Mobile Programs with Various Modes”

If you run a site or blog, there will be people who are curious about what their posts look like on mobile, so they will access the posts on their smartphones and check them out. But because it’s not efficient to switch devices like this, programmers use Chrome browser mobile mode extensions or go through their cell phones and keep checking.

The easy way to do this is to use the Chrome browser extension, and it’s not that difficult to install and use.

When I run a blog, I always check how readable the article looks and the location of the ad-sense is in mobile mode, but I was able to check more accurately because it reduces working time and allows me to choose various devices from my smartphone. The most needed Chrome browser mobile mode extension is when you write in central alignment.

Sometimes, if you search the Internet and look at posts, you may have seen one letter per line. This is to adjust the spacing by installing a mobile mode extension to prevent writing in central alignment and not properly line-breaking.

Let’s learn how to install and use the Chrome browser mobile extension.

1. Installation method

Chrome Browser

When you search for <Webstore> on Google, there is a search window in the upper left corner. If you search for User-Agent Switch for Chrome here, you can find Chrome browser mobile extensions. Since there are similar programs, you can find the full name or find the one you downloaded the most.

However, this program has not been updated since 2017. So there are people who are working well, but there are people who are not.

I don’t have much inconvenience in using it now, but if you look at the review, you can see that there are problems that don’t change to something else once you apply it or it doesn’t go back to the way it was. It’s a pity that there are no more updates even though it’s an extension provided by Google.

2. How to Use

Chrome Browser

When you complete the Chrome browser mobile extension installation, a masked icon is created in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. When you click on this, you will get a list of different browsers. From here, you can choose by browser and operating system to see if your posts are visible.

Choosing your most popular Android will change your browser’s appearance to suit your Android environment.

Chrome Browser

Selecting ISO and Android will change the Chrome browser to look like a mobile environment. But if you make a choice, you can see that ISO and Android are different. It’s a slightly different look, but it’s an important part for people who do websites or blogs.

Because you want your posts to be visible in any environment, you can make comparisons and corrections to make them look wrong.

These days, there are a lot of reactive skins, so most of them are used, but if you don’t apply the old site or the reaction type, it’s helpful to see how it comes out on your mobile.

You may think you can change it to a reactive skin, but you should be careful about changing the skin, but if you change the pre-registered skin, it may not be recognized on the portal, so the number of visitors may decrease.

I usually don’t recommend skin changes when I search for reviews. That’s why you should choose your skin carefully when you first open your blog. It’s because it’s burdensome to change it later.

However, if you have to change your skin, there is a post that helps you change it. Please refer to this and avoid any disadvantages caused by the change. – Post about skin change

Chrome Browser

If you run a domestic blog or site, the most important thing to check is Explorer. Because it will appear in different versions when you open the Select Internet Explorer window, we recommend that you check in order to make sure that your posts appear correctly.

In foreign countries, they use a lot of browsers such as Chrome and Fire Fox, but there are still many users who use Explorer in Korea.

The percentage of chrome is increasing, and this part is high because it is domestic to use a lot of smartphones in the Android operating system, and the share of chrome has increased in the desktop, but there are a lot of Explorer users. This is because public institutions use systems tailored to Explorer.

If you’re using WordPress or T-Story, you don’t have to worry about the wrong mark in your mobile environment, but if you’re writing on a site or in a central alignment, it’s better to use the Chrome browser mobile extension to make sure it’s properly marked.

And if you click on a link, it might appear on the Home screen, not in the detailed category. So when you click on the link on your mobile, please check if it’s working properly.

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