Add images from the Windows Memo App Team Meeting Whiteboard

When you use your computer, it is probably the Windows Memo app Sticky Notes that you install for notes. I’m using it too, but there are a few things I’m sorry for. There is an image add-on, but there is a limitation that you can only see yourself without drawing.

So I’d like to introduce you to an app called WhiteBoard. This app can be used as a meeting with a variety of people, such as the whiteboard, and can add images, graphs, and shapes, so you can take notes on more information than Sticky Notes.

1. Windows Memo App

Windows Memo

When you press the Windows button, you can see the Microsoft Store, where you can find the app by typing Microsoft Whiteboard in the search box. If you want to install it, press the free button shown above to download the installation file and install it automatically.

When the installation is complete, you can view it in the Start menu list.

2. Drawing capabilities

Windows Memo

Sticky Notes has a drawing feature that you don’t have, but you can choose from color to size, so you can draw in a variety of ways. If you have a touch fan, you can store more information than memo apps that only type letters.

Windows Memo

If you want to draw it correctly, you can use the ruler function, but you can adjust the angle with the mouse wheel, and when you draw it, it’s straight.

3. Memo function

Windows Memo

Of course, you can enter text, color, copy, and cut, type a title to see what kind of note it is, but you can also type additional descriptions of the note, called alternate text.

4. Image and Camera Features

Windows Memo

You can import and paste images from my computer, and you can add images retrieved from bing. And if you have a camera installed, you can take a picture and put it in right away, so if you work together, you can add it quickly.

5. Collaboration

Windows Memo

You can work with other people through a web-sharing link, so you can use it for meetings. And because what you’ve worked on is organized into a list, you can bring it up later and do additional work.

And you don’t have to worry about it because it’s safe to use on other devices. You can use Sticky Notes if you want to use the simple Windows Memo App. If you want to use drawing and collaboration, try installing the Windows Memo App.

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