Programs that can download videos in high definition, sound source, and subtitles

I’d like to introduce you to a program where you can download videos and music that are posted on various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter. Before I knew this program, I download videos by changing programs or sites on each platform, but it was more convenient to do it in one place than after I knew it.

If you list the features of the program, you can copy the link through Smart Mode and download the subtitles if they contain subtitles. And you can download only the songs separately from the video.

The most surprising feature is that when a new video is uploaded to your subscribed YouTube channel, it is automatically downloaded. However, this feature must be upgraded to Premium before it can be used.

1. Download Program

download videos

When you access the 4kdownload site, the program usage description is well organized and you can see the download button on the first screen. Click this to download the installation file and install it on your computer.

2. Smart Mode

download videos

Smart Mode is a great feature to use when downloading many videos, so you can copy a YouTube link and download videos as soon as you click Copy Link from the top menu. When you click on Smart Mode above, the Options screen appears, where you can set the format, quality, subtitle down, and folder when you download it.

This feature is convenient because you can download your videos as you set them up without the hassle of setting them up every time you download them.

3. Sound source extraction

download videos

It is easy to extract the sound source, but if you select the format format in Smart Mode, you can select MP3, M4A, and OGG audio files. You can choose from these types of audio files and download them separately when you download them.

4. Download Playlists

download videos

If you watch YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen them watch at once as a playlist. It’s hard to download them one by one, but if you use 4K video downloads, you can download the entire video from your playlist at once.

5. Automatically download YouTube subscriptions

download videos

You can download videos from YouTube channels that you watch frequently at once, or download them automatically when you upload videos. In the program, there is a Subscribe button in the upper right corner and you can copy the channel link and press the Copy Link plus button to proceed.

However, this function requires a premium upgrade to use, and if you download a lot of videos from YouTube, it’s easy, so you can consider upgrading.

Since the program was introduced mainly as a representative function, there may be a lack of explanation, but if you go to the 4k download site, the manual is divided into categories, so it’s well done. It’s so much easier than the site or program I’ve used so far to download videos, and I can download all the platforms, so I’m using them very well.

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