How to use the YouTube Download Clip Down Program

“How to use Clip Down for the most comfortable YouTube downloads”

There are various ways to download YouTube, but it can be inconvenient because you have to access the site every time and there are steps in the process. So there is a program called Clip Down, so I want to introduce it to you.

This program is located on the taskbar, so if you click while watching YouTube, you can choose between music and video and download it. Foreign-made programs have a complex interface, and Clip Down is a simple way to use them, so anyone can learn them quickly.

1. Available Sites

YouTube Download

Sites that can be used as a Clip Down program are available on most platforms where you can upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Tumbler, Daily Motion, African TV, and Kakao TV.

2. Program Installation

YouTube Download

Once you enter the Clip Down site, you will be able to provide a detailed description of the program, view the Download button on the top menu and front page, and download the installation file when you click. The installation process is not that difficult, so you will be able to install it quickly.

3. How to Use – Enter Address

YouTube Download

The website explains how to use the program in detail, but the first method is to copy the video address and download it by copying the video URL of the browser’s top address bar and typing it into the program.

YouTube Download

If you have copied the YouTube video URL, you can run the Clip Down program and enter the video URL you copied in the upper text box and press the ↓ button.

YouTube Download

When you press the Download button, you will be prompted to choose between audio and video, and when you click on anything you want, the download will begin and you can view the results as a list.

4. How to Use – Pop-up

YouTube Download

Copying the video URL, running the program, and entering it can be cumbersome, but the second method is quite convenient. If you click Copy Video URL by clicking on the YouTube playback screen, the Clip Down pop-up in the lower right corner will pop up to make downloading easier.

5. Preferences

YouTube Download

The first screen of the program is your preference, and when you see it, you can set whether to use the folder to download, pop-up download, and MP3 conversion features. The configuration is simple, so you’ll know right away.

Most YouTube download programs are made in foreign countries, so it’s difficult to download and use them. Clip Down is made in Korea and simple to use, so it’s a useful program for people who download music and videos from various video platforms.

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