Avast with powerful PC security program real-time check

Although it is built into PC security program Windows 10, you will be using a variety of vaccine programs. Pill and V3 are representative in Korea, and I think the real-time inspection function is strong after using it.

Avast is a vaccine program that many people use because you have to pay for everything, but you can use strong real-time inspection with a free version alone. Let’s learn how to install and how to get a 1-year license.

1. PC Security Program

PC security program

Once you enter the Avast Free site, you will see the free download button for your PC on the first screen with the phrase Free Anti-Virus Protection. When you click this, you can go to the Installation page and download the installation file.

PC security program

If you run the installation file, the screen above will appear, and if you press the installation button in the center, the installation will proceed. The setup screens are then displayed in order.

PC security program

Once the installation is complete, I will proceed with the user consent process and then you will be asked to install it on my smartphone as well. If you want to install it, you can enter your email address, and if you don’t want to install it, I will not protect my Android phone. You can click ”.

After that, the recommended compensation function will be available, and if not necessary, no. You can click on the phrase.

2. License verification

PC security program

Once the installation and setup is complete, you will be asked to restart, and once you reboot and return to the guest, you will see the menu in the upper right corner, click to view my license information.

PC security program

Once you get into my license information, you’ll find 173 days left until January 11, 2020. In the past, it used to be free of charge for a year by entering an email and authenticating it, but now it can be used without any inconvenience because it can be applied just by installing it.

3. Core Shield

PC security program

The reason why you’re using Avest is because of the core shield protection function, and if you’re uncomfortable with the real-time blocking, you can go into the core shield setting from protection and disable anything you don’t want.

PC Security Program Best Free is a free version, so there is a limit to the use of features, but real-time surveillance is strong among PC security programs, so if you’re a big Internet seeker, installation will block malicious code sites.

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