Download Viewer to Open Acrobat PDF File

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are frequently used, so many people have installed programs or viewers, but PDF files are not used often, so you can’t open them unless you have an Acrobat program installed.

If you’re using a Chrome browser, you can open and view PDF files when you download them, and we’d like to learn how to set them up and download the viewer program where you can open the Acrobat PDF file to view them.

1. Acrobat Viewer


When you connect to the Adobe Acrobat site, you see two versions on the first screen, where Acrobat Reader DC is a viewer and Acrobat Pro DC is a full version that can be edited. You can install and use the viewer for free, but Acrobat Pro DC can be used for about 7 days in the case of a trial version, and you can use it after paying.

To download the PDF file viewer, click the Acrobat Reader DC Download Now button shown above.


If you press the Download button now, you will go to the installation page, and if you look at the center, there is a selection option, and if you don’t need it, it’s better to uncheck it.

In my case, if you check out the chrome extension installation on the left, it won’t go to the installation page, but if you don’t need it, please check it out and see if it goes to the installation page.Then click the Install Now button on the right to proceed with the installation.


The installation doesn’t take too long, and if you wait a little bit, the installation will be completed and it will run right away so you can use it. Because you are a viewer, you can import PDF files to open and print, but not edit them. You need to install Acrobat Pro DC for editing.

2. Open Chrome Browser PDF File


The Chrome browser is the default feature, which allows you to automatically view PDF files in your browser and even print them out. This feature can be viewed by clicking the three dot icons in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser and entering Settings.


Once you enter Settings, scroll down and click Advanced to view site settings. You can set up various contents here.



If you go into the site settings and scroll down, you can see the PDF document. If the ‘Download PDF file instead of automatically opening it in Chrome’ setting, you can download the PDF file only when you download it, and if it is disabled, you can view the PDF file in Chrome browser.


And it’s not only available when you download it, but you can view the PDF file by dragging it to the Chrome browser. To view PDF files, download and use Adobe’s Acrobat Viewer, or use Chrome browser to open your files.

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