Programs that display in the System Information taskbar

When you use a computer, there are times when things suddenly slow down. In this case, you open Task Manager to see how much is being consumed through system information and which programs slow down the system.

But the process of opening Task Manager itself slows down your computer, so if you use an Xmeters program that you can check in real time, you can always check your system information on the taskbar, which is convenient.

1. System Information Program

System Information

Xmeters is a real-time system monitoring program that can be set up in a variety of shapes and is free for personal use.

There are many similar programs, but I liked the program the most in that it appeared on the taskbar.

2. Installation method

System Information

If you see the Get XMeters button at the bottom of the homepage, you will go to the download page when you click it.

System Information

Once you enter the download page, there is a free and professional download button, where the download button on Free will proceed to install the program.

The installation may interrupt Windows Explorer for a while, but you don’t have to worry about it because the data will not disappear.

When all installations are complete, a pop-up will appear on the taskbar asking if you want to activate the tool or not, and you will be able to see what appears on the taskbar when you press OK.

3. How to set up

System Information

When system information appears on the taskbar, the Task Manager runs when you left-click on that information, and when you right-click, the XMeters setup screen appears.

The setup is simple: number 1 above selects which system information to show, and number 2 selects a color that displays the system and usage.

System Information

If you want to decide the order in which system information appears, you can change the order by dragging it with the mouse as shown above.

4. Review of use

System Information

As a result of installing and using it, there was no major problem. One thing is that it’s not very helpful for people who only use browsers like me, because I rarely see system information.

But I think it’s a good program for people who use games or programs that consume a lot of resources.

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